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Took my last trip with my Trophy this evening.  Hauled the new boat from Point Breeze to Mexico and got the at 6pm. Had the itch, so left it hooked to the truck and jumped in the old boat. Rods in at 6:30pm and setup in 180Fow  Went an hour without a bump, then had a screamer on the deep rigger (blue UV FF) parked at 90. 21lb released it and missed another. Pulled gear at a 7:45 and headed in to start swapping gear to the new boat.  Never thought I would spend 2.5hrs and still have a mess in both boats:lol:   
   First light I will be out with the new rig.  Hopefully I can get the bolts I need to mount the new riggers. If not I’m sure dipseys and junk lines will get it done. 




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good luck with your new boat.  I am sure it will be drenched in fish blood by the end of the day.  Yesterday was a spoon bite we had constant action in front of the big salmon in 130-150 feet of water.  riggers parked at 100 and 123. Dipseys out 250.  Good luck. Most hits came on the dipsey.

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2 hours ago, Mjnoff21 said:

Any update outta Mexico this morning? Getting a late start but will be heading out soon

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Slow bite this far, but didn’t get rods in untill 7:30. My phobe died last night so told the wife to set the alarms for 4:30. Well I got wokin up by my dog lickin my face at 6:30:headbang:

  1/1 so far 7lb ish king on white meat rig on dipsey out 180 setting 2.  I’m a little handicap using only one rigger two dipseys two coppers. I’m out infront of hoghrocks. Picked the one up in 200fow. Workin my way in 150Fow now

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45 minutes ago, Mosquito said:

How’s that new boat hachimo. Wish I was up this weekend, but I’m waiting on a part 

My god it is a dream!!??

absolutly incredible. Pretty snotie out here but definitely fishboe in a boat like this.  Autopilot works great can’t believe I fished so long without AP! The fishhawk 100% ganechanger.  Got some setup issues to workout but I’Ll figure that out before I go home today.  

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Great. Guys asked how the lake was When I lleft and went to Woodys and I said good waves were 1-2footers. Guy next to me said yea in ur dreams. More like 2-4 with occasional 6’s.  Definitely didnt seem That way to me but if I was in my trophy I would have went in. Lake was only bad an hour two.  

18 hours ago, Adk1 said:

Nice rig Hachimo. How did she handle compared to the old boat?


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