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Cable steering auto pilot???

Josh A

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Hello all hope everyone fishing season going well.  Im interested in getting auto pilot but i have cable steering. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good unit or have experienced cable drive.  Auto drive? 

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Have cable steer on my 21’ Mako.
Got a smokin deal on a Lowrance autopilot a couple of years ago.
$499 Canadian from Cabelas in Ottawa. Brand new .
Bought a HDS-7 Gen 3 to run it.
$900 Canadian from Radioworld in Toronto.
Package works awesome.
Good luck finding the Autopilot fo $500 Canadian though.

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As long as you have 10" of clearance behind your helm we can put an octopus drive on there and you can have AP. We've installed them with Si-Tex and Garmin AP's and they work great. If you're interested shoot me a PM. I am the service manager at Krenzer Marine and handle all Electronic sales.

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2 hours ago, signalman said:

Rich do you know anything about those garmin unit,s that run the kicker,i try to run my boat with a kicker most of the time.

Garmin TR-1 Gold (older discontinued version) and Garmin Reactor 40 Kicker AP. Depends on the year/make of your kicker, the new Reactor 40 unit has limited compatibility when compared to the older TR-1 system. My kicker wasn't compatible with the Reactor 40 so I went with the TR1 system earlier this year and it works very well. Installation was very easy, did it myself in maybe 3hrs.

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