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Anybody at Sandy today? 7/25

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Out east of Ibay 49F was 60 over 120. Went in and out of 120 to 140. Had 2 screamers on green atomic meat rigs back 150 and 125. Lost both when the line counter was 232...i think I have a kink in the steel braid...seems suspicipus. green jeans boated a couple more on 300 copper. Green FF took a juvenille.

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We fished Sandy this morning and boated 7 for about 12 with 5 majors up to 22  6 


110 to 150 


65 to 85 down 180 on dipsey which were best . All we ran were flashers trailing ,dare I say it ? 


Temp was down 80 to start and came up to 60 . 




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