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Fish are right on schedule with a fantastic offshore mature bite this morning! Slightly east of I-Bay, 600 + fow, 12 miles offshore. 100-120 down was best, but temp was coming up fast by late morning. Anything white was good. Best Spoon being a lure I call the ghost, which is glow cup, white face with black the silver ladder back. Great spoon when matures are down deep offshore. Wonderbread spin docs with meat on wire divers good as well. Good luck

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Without trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, :smile: Wouldn’t your 600  depth correspond more with a 22 or 23 N line. 43 is the degree line. 23 would be the minutes and much more accurate. We saw you running in late morning. Thanks for the wide swing around us in 120fow 

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