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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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Daughter just walked in. Busy with grad school and work but getting out when she can. Really hope sometime soon she gets a chance at a nice buck.

Proud of her for putting in the work.

She saw a few doe tonight but wants a nice buck.


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Definitely jealous of u fellas.  My hunting season dont start till next Saturday here in  NEPA with bear muzzleloader.  I work as much as possible early archery so I can justify takin time  off for bear muzzleloader and archery durrin the rut.  Great pics!!!

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October 9 pm
67 degrees
SSW 5 mph
Partly sunny

Showed up to the spot this afternoon only to find the farmer cutting the beans. He was about 90 percent done so I decided to wait it out. Within five minutes of them leaving a family of three showed up. Within 15 minutes there were 10 deer in the field. Within 30 minutes there 20. It's was like they were waiting for them to leave. All in all a great night on stand. 30+ deer. 7 bucks (shooter 8 pt, 2.5 year old 8 pt, and five young bucks). Bucks were annoying the does. Saw some mild chasing. Sparring. Lots of posturing by bucks. Fun night to be out there.


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