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Sodus Launch Sites 3/2/21

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In case you were wondering:

The launch next to Arnie’s Marine is still very much locked in ice.


Buzzed over to the launch at the Coast Guard Station to take a look for open water.  MUCH road work going on with detours and single lane areas in place but finally got to the ramp.  Plenty of open water but the ramp is blocked off with construction equipment and rip rap.


I have always stuck with fishing for browns in March out of Sodus.


Does anyone know how long the Coast Guard ramp will be unavailable?





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Wow! thanks for the report I have been wondering about the status. Doesn't look great for an early bite right now....

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If I remember correctly it 5.00 to launch. Yes the town of ontario. You can purchase as many as you want but each ticket is for the day you request or just stop on your way. I've been told that you can pay across the street but I've never seen the harbor master there. You can also get a season pass for 100.00. These are last years prices.

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Spoke with Tracy Durham, Town Clerk, via email concerning the boat launch next to the Coast Guard Station.  Her reply was:

“I would dare say that ramp might not be avail for a while”.


If anyone notices the launch next to Arnies becomes clear of ice, please let me know.


Bear Creek will have to do for now.

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