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PB Pike (first post)

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To many of you, this pike may seem small-average, but for me this is an incredible fish. To begin I have been fishing exclusively for pike since mid-October. Fishing 4-5 days a week for 3 months I had caught 4 pike, my biggest being 31", then the rivers froze... Finally the rivers opened up about 2 weeks ago, since then I have been fishing as often as I can. Until today, the post-freeze fishing had yielded a 25 and 28 on back to back trips, extremely good for me. Today I fished a few spots, finding floating ice and a variety of dead animals (beaver, cat, chickens) at the first, I soon left. I got to the second spot, but someone was where I wanted to be, I waited until he left and moved in. Throwing a softbait the first pass through produced nothing, but the 8" wounded walleye glide got this one to lash out twice. After a battle like no other esox has put up for me I got her in. I taped her at about 35", but with missing a big chunk of her tail she could have been a true 3fter. After some quick pics I let her revive and watched her swim off strong. This fish had been through some battles, she was full of scars, but I am confident that she will be telling stories of this one in the future. Unfortunately my season ends in 6 days, but I'll be back out chasing more of these, and hopefully my first musky, when it opens again May 1st

Pike full(1) - 35.jpg

Pike full(2) - 35.jpg

Pike release - 35.jpg

Pike bait - 35.jpg

Mr. Zorba.jpg

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