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lithium battery for depth finder


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Does anyone use the Milwaukee drill lithium battery for their ice fishing depthfinder?  It does not seem to work for me????  What am I doing wrong?.....jk

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I've never heard of or seen such a use, but that doesn't mean much lol. I'm just good enough not to electrocute myself using the toaster.


I'm not sure how you would attach the leads firmly, but I suspect that even if you could, most of the Milwaukee drills I've seen coupled to augers run on 18 volt batteries rather than 12 volts, so there's that working against you, too. Unless there's some way to MacGyver 12 volts out of the system (I guess there could be three six-volt batteries hooked up in series inside the casing). 


IMHO, the new Marcum 9 Amp hour lithium batteries are the bomb, and weigh about half that of a normal lead acid.

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I don't know what kind of depth finder you have but I know with my Vexilar FLX 20 it is sensitive to the current and even with a brand new 12 volt battery charged up with another charger (than the one specifically for it) it wouldn't operate at all when I tried it. My hunch is the higher amperage of the drill battery might at least cook the fuse in the depth finder (if not worse). This may be a situation where using the correct tool for the job can save you money:smile:

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