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8 Day Fishing Vacation Out Of Oswego

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Set off last Friday the 14th on an 8 day fishing vacation. First day fished Mexico Bay from noon to 6:00pm with no luck.
Saturday, fished Oswego area for browns in the morning and kings in the day, 1 small King. 
Sunday, fished browns out of Oswego in the morning with a 13 pound Brown in 50’ of water in front of 9 mile point on a blank sonar screen. Moved to deeper water during the day for kings with no luck. 
Monday, fished for Browns again out of Oswego and 9 Mike Point, nothing. Moved to deeper water for Kings again and caught 1 lake trout. Trolled 29 miles. 
Tuesday we started at 190fow for Kings because the Browns were not cooperating. Saw bait and marks but no takers until 11am. Landed a 20 pound king in 200fow on a blank screen. That was the only fish for the day. 
Wednesday, straight out to 200fow for Kings and caught a few Lakers up high. No Kings. 
Thursday, straight out again for Kings and discovered the Fish Hawk probe went bad. Fished until noon and decided to run to Fat Nancy’s for a new probe as we were getting burned out from fishing 12-13 hour days with no fish, calm lake and a relentless sun that had been turning my face into a piece of toast for 7 days. 😅

Friday morning was our last morning as we were heading home at noon. Went straight out to 200fow to another flat lake. This time I couldn’t even get set up. It was like someone finally flipped the switch. Went 6 for 7 in the next 2.5 hours with one set of doubles, all Kings. Was running the same set of spoons I’d been running all week at the same depth (40-60 feet down). At 8:30am the sun finally broke through the clouds and started beating down on the lake again. That was it, the switch was turned back off. Didn’t catch another fish from 8:30 until we picked up at 11:30. 
We hit the water every morning at 4:45 and fished all day, everyday. First 7 days we caught 8 fish with 2 Kings and 1 Brown Trout. The rest were lake trout. The final morning we hooked 7 fish. So strange. We never really fished below 90 feet down and all the fish came from 60 feet and up. Fat Nancy, Blue Wiggler were the spoons of choice for the kings and Blue Gander Glow caught the Brown. We were definitely grinding and throwing everything I had at them. Thank you to a few of the Charter Captains who gave me suggestions and the multiple people we met at the ramp. Everyone had some great tips to share. 
Patience and persistence. Good luck!










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