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Went straight N out of I-Bay to the 150-250 range in the AM.  Marked some in the shallower areas but no action. Continued out to 300 and landed one smaller 12 lb king 72' down on a FF. That was at noon! Came in after warding off the skunk. 


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Woody, he went back into the lake.  I just noticed this post had a date of 6/29 - I just corrected it to 6/20.  I wish I could fish into the future. 


The wrong date and misidentified fish are from that day having more screw-ups than I care to have.  Started with the downrigger cable popping off the spool and wrapping around the drive spindle, then once getting settled into trolling I realized my truck keys aren't on the boat and are probably sitting in the porta-potty at Mayer's, and then when I grabbed the net to land this fish I caught the wooden rod I use to grab the downrigger weight to bring it closer to the boat and flung the wooden rod out into the lake.  Go ahead and laugh, I know we all have those days.  Good thing it was Father's Day as my wife was happy to drive up to Mayer's and check the porta-potty.  Yes the keys were there and yes she deserved big thanks for even going in that thing.    

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BB - Don't worry, anyone who says they never had a bad day like that is a liar!  Best thing about those days is that the further they are in the past, the funnier they are. 


Tom B.


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