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Otisco 10-2-21


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Not an expert on Otisco's eyes, but I do know they are alewife feeders.  Lots of marks near the bottom along shore as well as some suspended fish adjacent to schools of bait.  There were quite a few guys fishing just off shoreline on Saturday.  


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Most fish are suspended.  If you can find a concentration of fish on the bottom they can be jigged and we do it occasionally.  Plenty of fish in the weeds as well.  I'm getting them offshore deep primarily, but troll em tight at night some and catch a fish or two casting each night.  Bite is good if you are there at the right place at the right time with the right offering.  I average double digits daily.  Many are released and most all the fish I catch are released.  The weather was a little less than dry but the fish cooperated all day! 58434.thumb.jpeg.7d4a3c33f168dcf829d283da2cd83fa8.jpegKIMG0882.thumb.JPG.24b4db154b3ad883bf13dfc8ccedc154.JPG58647.thumb.jpeg.ca1e7912638a40ffc479bb7b6f6f0392.jpeg58434.thumb.jpeg.7d4a3c33f168dcf829d283da2cd83fa8.jpeg

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