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Predator 21/22


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Pic from this morning, no shots. 
Tommy shot one tonight, hour later my daughter shot one as well but it didn’t drop. Good blood through the red brush, Hopefully it’s dead as well. 


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Got on my first coyotes ever this season! The first pic was an alpha female that manny called in for me! That was a great hunt and I dropped her like a rock at 100 yds. 

And last night I scored a double over a bait pile! Was a boring wait for the pack to come out but once they were on the deer I put 2 good shots on them to smoke two yotes from about 200 yds out. 

Sidenote, I am shooting a Ruger American Predator in .204 and I gotta say not only is this rifle crazy accurate, but everything I’ve shot with the 40 grain v max bullets has not taken a single step. Foxes, yotes, whatever, once they get hit with the bullet they go straight down. I love this rifle. 




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On 1/3/2022 at 2:02 PM, GAMBLER said:

Did some calling with the fresh snow this morning.  New to predator hunting, I see how easy it is to get addicted to!  First set was a zero.  Second set, I had a red come down the field and sit down and wouldn’t come any closer.  I decided to take the shot with my .22 mag.  110 yds and it did the job!  I had two other fox come out later in the morning but they wouldn’t cross the open field.  They got bored quickly and went back into the woods!  


I know its a little late Brian but man that was a poke for old faithful!! Congrats my friend

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