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Lots of firsts this year

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On Jan 8th 2021,Isaid my last goodbye to my brother and best friend Capt Mike Bonaffine  "Mr Breeze".He succumbed to covid 19, I was grateful for a " end of life visit.Lots of first things first year, fishing early ice out browns,summer kings,fall islands trip for smallies,deer season all without Mike.We continue to pursue our passions because that's what he would insist on.I truly hope we can end this madness with the virus.I respect all the different views about it.My personal experience with it has changed the way I look at life with a deeper appreciation for Family and friends and the great outdoors as a whole,Miss you big brother fish on


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 I can still see his smiling face hanging out the side of the boat at the dock as we would be heading out to the lake.  Niagara Show, Sandy Creek Shootout or where ever I ran into him, he always had a smile on his face. He was one of the GREAT ones.  Like Whaler said, "missed but not forgotten".

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