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Taughannock 2/21/22


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The ramp at Taughannock was in good shape on 2/21.  Most of the snow and ice is gone and plenty of parking.  The lakers were hungry but never did come in contact with any LL nor Browns.  After leaving the ramp we trolled south along the west shore in 100 fow.  Most fish came from the 70’ Downrigger’s.

First trip in 2022 and my Yamaha 9.9 kicker wouldn’t pee.  Got home, pulled the thermostat and it opened just fine in boiling water.  Left the thermostat out and fired up engine with ear muffs on.  Still did not pee.

Ordered a water pump kit.

Never had to replace an outboard’s water pump.  Videos on YouTube make it look straight forward although I never found a video for a 9.9.

Any advice/precautions for me would be appreciated.


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Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I ran a wire up into the Pee hole and it seemed OK. 
not being satisfied I pulled the hose off and blew through it, all seemed OK

still not satisfied I blew compressed air into the pee hole. Compressed air flowed freely out of the water inlet on the lower unit. 

so, I have the water pump ordered and I think I will follow real docs advice and post a note in the this old boat section. 
many thanks for the responses. 

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I did my 8 hp 4stroke Yamaha last year.  The waterpump replacement is straight forward. You may have to have the serial number of the engine to get the proper kit.Use a lot of lube when you put it together.  Also on mine there was a garden hose connector for flushing out the engine.Its located on the RH side of the motor towards the front. My waterpump was completely shot. I had pieces of hard rubber plugging the waterjackets and reverse flushing with the hose cleaned it out.   I used neverseze on the bolt threads and proper torqued the bolts.  Take your time and be careful not to break any bolts off.  Its kinda a fun project.

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