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My wife and I are having some success hooking into a few kings and browns. We have been here for 15 days and fished 9 part days landed 42 kings, 8 browns, 1 steal head and one laker.

We record the temperature several times per day and also what lures we take all of the fish on. I don’t own a Fish Hawk X4 but I do own the Fish Hawk TD. I find that to be better in some ways then the X4. I send it down my wire dipsy lines and also my shoot dipsy rod with mono to confirm I am fishing the depths I want. I have also found one upwelling where the temperature came way up off of bottom to 60' vs 100-110' holding mature kings. Out of the 42 kings landed only 12 were less then 20”.







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On 8/2/2022 at 1:00 PM, PD Buoy said:

Scalloper is your boat a Duckworth ? I've seen them in magazines, really cool design.

Yes, it was the first one sold in Maine when Al’s took on the franchise in 2020

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