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Turn in Plates?

Pete Collin

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Hello All,

I finally sold my tired, leaky tub and got a nice Lund to replace it. There's one issue I discussed with the seller and figured I'd get a quicker answer here than from the DMV 

Can I turn in the trailer plates on his behalf?  Or do I have to mail them back to him?  Been so long since I bought a boat, don't remember. I live over an hour from his place. 

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why didn't he just keep his plates and registration? so if he gets a trailer, he can just transfer them, if he was good enough to let you use his plates to trailer it home then I would contact him and see if he wants them back. if he does you should mail them to him at your cost. you should have taken the plates off your trailer and took them with you to put on the trailer.

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