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Predator 22/23

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Been busy keeping the predators under control up here in Canada… shot 6 last week in one sit! Wish we could shoot them at night! Daytime only here. Found #5 after  the pic was taken…and couldn't find #6… took out the whole pack! 


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I think bait piles and night shooting would be good in Canada, but our government says it will take care of us, we will shorten the season and lower the bag limit. My first moose licensed was for cow calf or bull, and my hunting buddies had the same. Now I hunt in a party of six and if we get a tag we are lucky and we hunt with bows.

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Bad dog,

I also hunt moose in northern Ontario with bow. The “new” management system has only increased a bull tag by $200 and cow/calf by $150 per tag…. The MNR has done nothing to help the declining population… and refuse to address the real issues causing the decline by placing blame on train kills and wolf predation.

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