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Floor material for aluminum boat instead of dreaded plywood


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Searching for realistic floor material for aluminum project boat.  Want to avoid plywood due to the time coating, covering , etc.  Came across an item called HercuLean by a company called Nomaco.

Sounds like the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel.  Has anybody used this or know anybody who has or has it on a boat they bought?  I get the impression from the website that they are not geared to selling to the general public but just to manufacturers. I have requested info and am attempting to find out if there are distributors that sell to the general public.

Website is      https://www.nomaco.com/product/herculean-structural-foam/    

Unfortunately this link that they provided responds with a "page not found" on their website.  Go to "Products" than click on "Herculean Structural Foam" in the drop down menu to get to the proper place.

Play the video.  Very interesting.


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