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Fishmaster 196 Helix 9 installation - location recommendations


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Good Day, any advice on a Helix 9 mounting location on this new dash? I have hardware for the top and side curtains on the gunnel where I would like to mount the HB mount. I could use a RAM over the cup holder, but am thinking this may be too high and block viewing once completed. Small problem, but any responses welcome. 





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I have the same model boat and a 9" Lowrance mounted where you are indicating--no problems with the view and the ram mount allows a lot of adjustments.  The cup holder is still usable but not for its main purpose.  I put my water bottle in the side holder.

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I have a Starcraft Titan with a similar dash configuration - I mounted my Helix 8 (same size head unit as Helix 9) on the dash above the cupholder with a 2" Ram Mount (6" arm, I believe).    Would recommend.


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Thanks for all the responses. I am going to give a Balzout mount a try. I like the flexibility of the unit. Will let you know. 

If it doesn't work, I will be utilizing one of the above solutions. 


Thanks again, Dave

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