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  2. Random draw cooler check assignments before leaving dock.
  3. I know just the person for the job. 👍
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  5. Anyone using sunbbers with heavy weight and high speed riggers Sent from my SM-A505U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Im a in search of Penn Yan louvered hull vents. These were custom made for Penn Yan models and seem to be very hard to find something aftermarket to replace them. I can have them made to order directly from Penn Yan but I am trying to avoid that. (At $79 per middle section and $29 per end section, the price is a bit steep). The front vent is 6"x44" and the rear is 6"x26". If anyone has any ideas on aftermarket availability or has some originals let me know. Thanks!
  7. I originally did mine the same way until Chamberlain came out with their other release . I hook my FishHawk directly to my Downrigger cable clip, then I put the Chamberlain slide release above the fish hawk at the desired height that I want Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Last year was the first WHI we missed since its inception. We chose to pass on it for various reasons. None of which were the format or the weigh for that matter. The core group of tourney anglers understands why participation has declined over the years. Lake Trout? really? If you plan on participating in this one you better get 2 big ones. Kings wont do it for you ever..... Sounds like a tweak to benefit a few. No Observers?? After what has taken place the last few years around the lake without a doubt this is a step backwards unless and maybe I missed it, a mandatory lie detector test of not only the captain but the team.is a must. Observers not only protect the integrity of the team they represent, they protect the assigned boat as well. It was predictable that the observer would go away and then the border would open back up. The border discussion has always been there. Again tweaked for a few. These new changes will keep us out indefinitely. I usually keep my mouth shut for the most part on social media platforms when it comes to these tourneys but this one is very disappointing. Granted we have not had a lot of success in the WHI but it was always a yearly favorite. Its first 3 years it was the best the south shore had to offer, now who knows. Regardless of tough fishing or a smash fest, that's what makes for a great tourney. I would take a real hard look at what made this tourney successful in its early years and return too it.
  9. DuPont super triwinder prime plus for sale, what you see in the photo is all included. Located in Webster NY. Price is 150.00 Please call 585-265-4950 for information or questions and please do not e-mail,Thanks John
  10. I am located west of Rochester on RT. 19 just south of the lake Ontario parkway. Here is my cell 585-507-3001. I would be willing to meet you in Rochester somewhere. Let's talk maybe we can set something up if you want otherwise I will give you directions to the house.
  11. Thanks guys I thought so, hope to hook up with him there Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I would recommend 4 to 6 mono rods, 2 to 4 wire and 4 weighted lines (torpedo, lead core and/or copper) Rods need to be 8 to 10' medium action. The wires rods need to be pairs that are at least 1 foot different lengths. My setup was purchases over time in the order I have listed. The price of the reels will be from 50 to 150 and the rods are from 25 to 45. This is for the low to medium priced units. I would also recommend Chinook divers for salmon and Kastaways for trout on the bottom. I hope this helps. Good luck. If I can help send me a PM
  13. Thanks all for the great feedback. I think I will just try a Chamberlain stacker on the port side rigger to remove 1 variable from the equation...But its good to know my original setup would work as well. Mike
  14. Fish often come in to see the rigger weight, and drop back ... they come down to see that. We fish from around 42'F to around 52'F ... bigger fish normally caught in 42F to 44F ... but not always.
  15. So according to that research, we should all get rid of our dogs, this will certainly cause a rebound in the Alewife population, and as a result we will have record king sizes.
  16. Earl28 has provided some good setups in those pictures. You'll want to try the following combos: - 11" spin doctors and Atomik flies ... look at those frog patterns Earl has posted. Get ones like UV Stud Live, Mirage Glow, Glow Hammer, Ultra Green Glow, Pro/Am Glow, Bloody Death, Carmel Dolphin, Hawg Wild ... these can be on the riggers, and/or a braided line with a dipsey, or preferably a wire line dipsey (will impact type of rod you need). - Clean spoons on riggers. Northern King Green Monkey Puke, Purple Thunder, Watermelon, Hog Wild, 42nd Spoon (actually my favorite). Early spring silver, blues and coppers/golds seem to work ... the early summer moves to blue and green, end of summer colors are more purple, reds, oranges ... but the greens still work to. I wouldn't get a million spoons and flies of assorted colors, but rather get multiples of good setups. Some days there's only one color that works, and we often would through another one or two of the same/similar out in the water.
  17. To save shipping where are you located? I am in finger lakes area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. I would be interested in 2 of the 12lbs but can get them at show if available then? Also where is show and is it on March 24th which is a Tuesday ? TKS Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Has anyone installed a Trollmaster pro on a mercury 2 stroke. I was recently going to purchase one of these units but after looking at the install manual I contacted the company and they said that none of their models work for a 2 stroke engine. I find this weird so I thought I would ask to see if anyone has ever done it, or is using one of the models. Thanks
  20. Salmon Slam with lakers was and is a joke. if the salmon fishing is off then so be it.
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