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  2. JD, I like that setup. I’d eventually like to get my rigger off the back to not have to lean out so far, especially this time of year. It looks like two sections of 24” track will what can fit for me. I can add another 12” on the back if needed maybe to run a line down the chute. When installing track, does everyone use some type of backer plate? Plywood, aluminum plate, something else? Is it necessary? Perhaps better safe than sorry? Appreciate everyone’s input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ok do you need shipping or pick up? Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. T Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I've got a HDS-8 Gen 2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter up for sale. This unit is in perfect working order. Took it off the boat and purchased a brand new transducer for the next user. Comes complete with the gimbal mount; plastic suncover; power cord, transducer and original owners and installation manuals. Will also throw-in a current, up-to-date Navionics + mapping card. Screen size is close to 8 1/2" and display is still awesome. With everything included with this package - this is a great buy at $450
  6. Fisherdude, Bear is working very hard to establish a second weigh-in station for future tournaments. He has spent a lot of time speaking to several people about how to do this and improve the tournaments. I don’t think you understand how difficult this can be. It involves several things like getting another certified scale in Cayuga county if you are going to have it up north on the end east side of the lake. If you have it at Long Point State Park you need to get permission and approvals from NYS Parks and don’t forget about the money for the scale, time and another person to run the weigh-in station. This is proving to be more difficult than most people understand. Bear acknowledges the situation and is trying to work something out for future tournaments but like anything it takes time and money. Thank you
  7. In need of a power cord and Ethernet cord for an HDS.
  8. Update... I put a little gas/oil mix in the tank, and she started first pull and is running just fine. I realize its only a 2 hp, but there are not many good running gas outboards out there for $40.. bob
  9. The literally hundreds of feamals pulled through the ice makes for thousands of fish that wont be there in years to come. Those years to come are now.
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  11. Fish with good people. Continue to expand to new areas and master new tactics. Enjoy as much time on the water as possible. With that the numbers and giants will come.
  12. buy new ones see what you pay hell of a lot more than these this is a buy!!!
  13. Nice Rob. Russ and I were out there as well that morning, 5 Browns early, lost some fish as well.
  14. What are you looking to get for the trailer? Any pics of it?
  15. As soon as I get off boat (Transom shot) 2003 9.9hp xxlong shaft, has electric start and remote throttle and shifter. Runs sweet Just had serviced.
  16. Stripping boat of accessories, transom shot... Has a Volvo Penta 302/ 5.0 FL Ford engine approx. 900 hours never run hard, ( Volvo Penta outdrive DP-C1-1-95 I believe it might need minor work. Sits on Venture Trailer dual axles excellent condition tires good condition with new spare. Maybe this can help somebody out. Bill
  17. I just called and ask about north end scale . Answer was no ....... Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. These are first generation Super Ski rod holders. Designed to mount on a 1" or less rail. They show some wear but are fully functional. $120 for all ten. I live in Corning and could meet you for delivery within the Finger Lakes region.
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