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  2. I buy 3/4 ID clear tubing from lowes and cut it into 4.5" tubes. I slit both ends and wrap the leader end to end of the tube so it stays nice and neat. I also write the fly color on the outside of the tube.
  3. Nice job especially when out alone Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Where to begin ? I will try to keep it short . Went 8 for 11 one laker the rest kings. All on Spindoctors flys/ meat.Riggers at 80 and 90 with meat .Wire out 225and 240 with flys.East of the bay in 100 to 230 was the best with one Double can’t believe I landed them. Here’s pictures of the better fish but all the king were At least teens
  5. JBK, suggest that it might help your search if your description was a bit more detailed. Your initial description of connecting to the windshield with a plastic window in front is normally referred to as a “stand up top”. A Bimini is normally open at the front and rear without connecting to the windshield or offering an enclosure. Why this is important is that the structure supporting the canvas is different for a Bimini vs a top. A Bimini is more universal by design and tops are more boat specific which can be more costly.
  6. All of us Sandy guys work together to tow each other. I would never leave someone stranded. I have came from home to go out and get someone in the past. I have seen the BYC towing guys in before also. Not sure what their policy is.
  7. Jig, this is what I use on my GARMIN. It’s paired with a Medium CHIRP 80-135kHz transducer. For trolling I set it to straight 80kHz and it does a fantastic job. Took me a while to understand all of the features of this transducer but got it figured out. As Yankee states, CHIRP is good for the nice images but traditional frequencies work much better for trolling! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. We did not let anything on fire out there we only had about two hours to fish there was three Footers out there and I just don't do it. We set up lines at 9:30 in stock around 12 landed one nice steelhead which I will attach a video link to my YouTube channel I got it on video underwater and on the GoPro can't wait to run home and put it together. Fish from 150 320 mark one pod of rainbows that's where we caught it after we went back through Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Depends on what depths you're trying to target. I'll use #1 most of the time, but if I'm trying to get down to 90' or deeper I switch to mags. If I run 4 dipseys I will run mags on the deepest 2 and #1 on the 2 higher ones. You will mark bigger schools most often in the fall when they start staging, spring and summer it's small pods or single fish usually.
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  11. Excellent stuff, great when the kids are into it, continued success to you fellas😎.
  12. What size dipsy's do you run? #1 or mags? Do mark big schools or just small pods of fish typically? Thank you and FF34 for this info. Very much appreciated. Eric
  13. Make a left and head out into the lake, all the water you want and nobody around most days.
  14. FF34 has a good point. I would say a dipsey on a 3 setting would also be outside the cone. Remember that fish can see what’s above them far better than what’s below them. For that reason, I like to put the bait about 3’ above the marks, if I can get that accurate. I also think scent makes a huge difference
  15. I have the membership through Boat US but would and always have been willing to tow someone in. Have been towed in twice this year, fingers crossed hoping the issue has been solved but it stinks to go dead in the water.
  16. BoatUS offers this service - their tow insurance is less than $200/year. http://boatus.com/
  17. I fish Erie mostly and when the marks are not there I am not catching fish so I really trust my electronics and fish the marks.
  18. After getting a call from a friend today and being 1.5 hrs away , getting towed in myself and towing others in , it has occurred to me we should establish a network of guys on here that can be contacted to lend a tow . Luckily I gave him a number to call and the guy was out fishing near him and it worked out . But what if no one was? That lake can look big and lonely with no power to get back , especially in a rough sea. Kind of sucks to have to pull lines on a hot bite , but I would have zero problems doing it . Each port could have a,network of guys . Any thoughts ?
  19. Correct to a degree, your sonar puts out a cone and depending on the frequency of your transducer and the water depth. This will determine the size of the area you will see on your screen. It is very easy to not see fish but still catch fish. Planer boards are almost always outside of the sonar cone and depending on what settings you use, the same can be said for dipsey divers. Fish can easily be outside of the sight of your sonar but still inside your lure spread or drawn into your spread. I've had many good days fishing while not marking nearly as many fish as I caught.
  20. Exactly this. I don’t use a fish hawk because it’s just not worth the extra few fish it would catch me for the cost. Rarely have I gone out and not marked a consistent depth they’re at. Especially end of August. What I can’t do is measure the speed of my lure at that depth. Oh well. I don’t think this to be the case with the technology we have now. I think a recent depth finder marks the fish if they’re there, especially when talking about king salmon and their size. My opinion. Over the last few years I’ve had success with minimal gear, perseverance and the help from generous people on this site. I wouldn’t over think it. Keep it simple. And keep it safe. That time of year is when people go out at all costs to catch a fish and lives are lost because of it.
  21. So even if the marks are not there doesn't mean the fish are not there correct? Do you not see them on a graph when mixed in at the thermocline?
  22. Never had it happen always wondered the same thing. We did catch our own net one time buddy dropped it in a minute later the outside downrigger pops " net on" reeled it in and netted the fish we were fighting with it.
  23. Saturday nite at the end of the day on a tip that the walleye bite gets good soon on the river, I took two fat 20 inch walleye on three drifts around sunset bottom bouncing worm harness in 20 fow. Wind was perfect for the drift. Thanks to the person who put the picnic table near the flooded boat ramp.
  24. The thermocline is a good place to start if you aren't marking fish or once you first get out there. But if you are marking fish then you would adjust and fish the marks instead of water temp.
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