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  1. The Address and numbers are in the Calender at the top of home page click on the event and it gives the info
  2. They had them up to a #7 that was huge. I think those little ones are a #2 the 3" was a #3 the 3 3/4 was the #5
  3. Get off Rt 81 at Brewerton , head toward town, turn rt on to rt 11 and its about a 100 yards down the road. Its at Brewerton fire hall.on RT 11
  4. FYI Cortland line is closing their store at exit 11 on Rt 81 the store is over by Arby's at that exit. Everything in the store is 30% off . They have lots of rods and reels and of coarse line. There is a lot of differant flylines ( I don't know much about that ). There are Cortland rods labeled Musky with a 29.00 price on them - the 30% They have a few lures & spoons plus a bunch of flys. Last day is April 15th. Then Rich goes to work at the factory
  5. Its all inside at the Brewerton ,Ny fire hall. Right on Rt 11
  6. LOL Thats why you back them in so the pointy end can plow its way out !!
  7. Landlocks and lakers like those little ones in the fall. There was a guy (Ed ) at the Watkins Glen Fleamarket that had some last year.
  8. The Abe & Al flops back and forth like a dodger . Used to use them with cut-bait and a 4' lead to the bait head. Caught a bunch of fish with them Chrome and chrome with green tape.
  9. The ELOSTA sale is the 14th in Brewerton. Its on the Calendar
  10. The landlocks are a strain of the Alantics and they are a handfull when the get some size to them. Hooked a 8# down 70' It came up and jumped twice and sounded back to the bottom. Did that a second time before running through the rest of the lines. They like the temp in the top to the thermocline and orange colored spoons , flasher/flies. usual stuff. Haven't got one on Ontario yet
  11. Hand held radios only put out 5 watts so they don't hurt you. The regular dash mounts with an 8' ant. put out up to 25 watts on hi. The ant. height and the power help you alot when you need help !
  12. The real weatherman should be like this guy and tell it like it is !!
  13. Its my understanding that the specs. for the fish is for the whole fish. That takes in all cultures that use some or all of the fish in the meal. The way you clean and prepare the fish makes a differance is what bad stuff you could get from the meal.
  14. The little clevis on the breakaway cable turn and worry their way through the cable and off goes the weight.
  15. Bass pro has a nice rubber coated replacement bag that works well on the landlocks on Cayuga . Replace the bag and save some $
  16. That mirage looks good as does the "yellow" green looking stuff. Landlocks would like the orange too
  17. Yeah Tom I hear ya.. The show last weekend, the new Keating book in the mail today. I am ready to get out on the lake.
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