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  1. Lake Wallenpaupack! My dad grew up in Hawley, still have a bunch of relatives in the area as well mostly old now, haven't fished that lake in 25 years... how is it now?
  2. FYI - I just dropped the props off at The Prop Shop tonight... to even work on a stainless prop prices start at $300 plus any welding... needless to say, I struggled to keep my jaw from hitting the ground! Fortunately, these are some bends with no welding required... WOW! That $600 would have been some awfully nice gas money this spring!
  3. All right Chris, I have not heard the scuttlebutt yet, whose boat did you buy?
  4. You have a GPS and a fish finder that are working, albeit we always want something better... they can be upgraded later... go for the deep speed and temp unit... cable angle and feel will get you in the ball park, but so many times out there, the currents mess you up badly, the deep speed unit will better your chances of catching fish in a multidirectional troll, plus temp allows you watch what's going on down there and understand if fish are coming in or out of temp, esp... on those blank screen days...
  5. The 25's with single 260's were not only grossly underpowered, but were indeed ill-handling boats. The weight distribution left a lot to be desired, esp. in a following sea. The price of this Gulfstream is fair compared to what else is on the market and would be a steal on the ocean. For comparison sake, you won't touch a mid 80's 25 footer for less than $25k on the ocean and a late 90's 20 footer won't be found for less than $30k as well unless you are buying the hull only. Which emphasizes my other points, that it can be tough to justify a Grady based upon price comparison alone with other boats. Esp. with the number of "Similar" designs in the Freshwater market. Grady prices everywhere are held up due to the saltwater market, which is good for an owner and bad for a potential buyer.
  6. Fitz, Wow... rare boat in this neck of the woods... does not look bad... repowered with a four stroke and a kicker. I would do some research on that Mariner engine though. The Gulfstream was a nice addition to the Grady lineup at the time. A 23 footer with a wider beam to bridge the gap between the 25 Sailfish and the 22 Seafarer or 24 Offshore with only 8' beams. You might sacrifice a little bit of comfort trolling due to the deep Vee hull on a Grady, but when you power up to run into 3-5' seas on the lake and bury the trim tabs full down, you'll be very happy as you watch the the waves push aside sipping on your beverage of choice. You're paying for a name, but you're also paying for the construction. There's a reason that there are so many Grady's on the ocean. They can handle being beaten and run hard in the saltwater environment. This statement is not to downplay any other great boats being built and run day in and day out on this lake, but the Grady reputation was built on the ocean under daily conditions that we can only imagine up here. My personal opinion is that if I were running 30 plus miles out into the ocean, I'd rather have a Grady hull than any other small boat hull under me. Does that translate into necessary on the Big-O, probably not... so that's what gives Grady a bad rap up here for being overpriced and built for this freshwater market. I'd check into it more with a surveyor and make certain that it did not see salt water in a previous life...
  7. '87 was about the first year for the 23' Gulf Stream and I believe that they intoduced the Grady Drive bracket with the Gulf Stream, so the outboard should have the ability to lift completely out of the water to reduce corrosion on the lower unit. I am imagining that this is a saltwater boat, since I have seen very few in freshwater. Obviously, a 20 year old saltwater boat is likely going to have a significant amount of corrosion underneath which is unavoidable. Chances are alll wiring should be replaced if it has not been done in the past 5 years, I would be skeptical. The biggest concern about this boat will be the fuel tank. Grady tanks are aluminum, but saltwater will get the best of them within 15 years or sooner depending upon the bilge water and you will not see it from the top, so unless the tank has been replaced within the past 5 years as well, then this will be a likely replacement as well as all of the fuel lines to and from the tank. I would also be concerned about the Mariner outboard, this is an old outboard and a single 250 on that gulfstream is underpowered, nevermind the age of the engine. I'm not certain I would trust it and it certainly will have issues idling down to trolling speeds in the lake. I'm sure that others will have some praises for Mariner's, but in my experience, these outboards were not the best for reliability. My brother is running an '88 Sailfish down in SC which he purchased used from NC and had to go thru all of this stuff. I am running an '86 Sailfish on the Big-O which has only been in freshwater. So the fuel tank is not a concern, but fuel lines are as well as wiring even in freshwater due to age. Use extreme caution with this boat and ask a lot of questions about the preventative maintenance described above and by Borderline.
  8. What do we all expect in a state that continues to elect tax and spend Democrats that only care about downstate matters... nevermind re-electing a comptroller that had already swindled money, but we the NY State people decide to give him a second chance... we're always going to be fighting a losing battle in this state to justify this fishery to the government. I applaude the individuals, organizations and some of our upstate legislators who have gone to bat with our downstate foes for years now, but it's pretty tiring for me to see the same old song and dance for the past 25 years... remember when the thruway tolls were only to pay for the building of the thruway? Even if license fees were raised to bolster the stocking efforts, the money would eventually find it's way back downstate to fund some pet project in NYC anyway... OK... I'm done venting now too and I can't imagine how frustrated others that are actually working this issue must feel.
  9. Anyone know where to go to have a few slight dings tweaked out of some Stainless props? Preferably Rochester to Sodus area... Thanks!
  10. I've done a number of cruises, including one 2 years ago in February. I spent a bunch of time trying to find a decent boat out of Cozumel, in the end I was not satisfied with my chances for a billfish during that time period, Late March thru June appeared to be more likely. The next problem was Cozumel being ravaged for the hurricane the previous Fall, so the port was being rebuilt. It may be rebuilt now, but we had to be tendered in, which is not a huge deal, the cruise lines do it all over including Grand Cayman and Belize, but it added another dimension to booking a charter and trying to get back onto the ship in time. I would advise booking thru the cruiseline and saving yourself the hassle with time constraints, but you may or may not be able to guarantee that you will not be the charter with 4 other people. I had a few links that I found, but I can't put my hands on them right now.
  11. There are guys alll over Michigan looking for the same thing... none to be found... I sent mine for refurb at this place last winter: Marathon Tech Inc 8280 NW 56 Street Doral, Florida 33166 U.S.A Tel (800) 558-1607 Tel (305) 592-1340 Fax (305) 592-3591 I know for a fact that they cannot get their hands on any probes, just the circuit boards for the probes. I posted on a Michigan site two years ago and even got a response from a guy in Holland looking to buy my probe! Good luck.... and maybe just call Marathon to see if they have a line on any probes...
  12. Another vote for Steve's... he redid my cabin cushions last winter for a very reasonable price.
  13. Iceman, You have the perfect rig to fish IBay right up until Ice Fishing! Take a boaters safety course. Best advice that I was given at the age of 8 when docking the boat don't get moving toward the dock any faster than you're willing to hit it and you'll be fine! Practice the backing up thing in your driveway for a bit and then head to the launch... Stop and get a couple dozen fatheads at the baitshop. Go south thru the channel markers toward the slew of boats you'll see stop near the markers on either side in 8-15 foot of water and drop anchor. It drops sharply from 15-70' at the end of the channels markers. Rig up a rod with a couple snelled hooks above a 1/2 oz sinker on the bottom, put a fathead on each hook anyway you can, no need to be picky... drop it over the side or cast it out and hold on... you can't miss, the perch may not be very big, but will be VERY plentiful! I'll be around there and a few other hotspots in the bay until the end of October on weekends in the 25 Grady that will look really out place Perch Fishing!
  14. Nothing wrong with filling the freezer with perch during October and November!
  15. I cannot agree more with this posting... the stance taken by the LOC is very short sighted and is not targeting the true customers of the business (aka the average recreational fisherman). I can speak for any person willing to put in the time and money to fish these derbies for the chance to win something... the least that can be done is to be able to capture some glory in seeing your boat name. Typically, I am fishing with some friends during the derbies and generally do not even catch many of the fish, so my name likely will never appear on a leaderboard, although my friends have on my boat... The LOC needs to come up with an amiable solution to benefit EVERYONE involved in making the derbies a success. The ability to highlight a charter in bold or red to differentiate from a rec is fine by me, but my money is as green as the charter money, just allow US the glory as well. And of course, the LOC should have the right to not publish a name deemed offensive by the staff prior to posting an update.
  16. www.biglakeoutfitters.com Heartlands are on sale for $25.19 a piece, just ordered 2- 10 1/2's to match up with my 9 1/2's and replace my old 9' Great Lakes Systems which will move over to mono divers after I repalce the twili tips. Shipping was $10 for the two rods. Fish USA wanted $36.95 plus $6 shipping for the 10 1/2's. Just my two cents to add to this thread as well. My Great Lakes System rods are now about 20 years old with the same twill-tips and the ceramic eyes have never been replaced... I don't believe for a minute that roller rods are necessary. I used the Heartlands this year and loved them and I need a pair of 10 1/2's to be able to run two per side. My old 9 footers served me well, but with 300' of wire out they were a bit short against my 4' boom out and downs on turns with any wind and current.
  17. He has all RayMarine Prdoucts, so he'd like to stick with them.
  18. Just revamping this post. My brother was up a few weeks ago and is now sold that he wants one, but he has been unable to find one down in Charleston. So, ANYONE out there?!?
  19. Mark, I ordered drag washers for all of my 27's, 47's, 47LC's and SG47LC's last winter and a few other spare parts then rebuilt, cleaned and lubed all of the reels last winter. He also has downloadable schematics online too. www.mikesreelrepair.com
  20. Setup in the morning around first light off the river and checked out 40-60 fow. Marked a few good ones, dumped one small fish (Probably a brown)off a rigger at 35' before we headed north. Ended up working 80-100fow. Wire at 190' w/Green E-Chip with Glow Frog G-Fly took two kings, busted one fly off and dropped another screamer. Fireline diver with a Black Spinnie and Antifreeze G-Fly took two kings as well. Largest king was only about 14 lbs. We had some decent action until about 9:30, then the screen cleaned up, wind started howling more and we headed for the barn.
  21. Frank, Did I hear that your back couldn't handle all of the fish you caught over the weekend? I've never fished with Jerry... just heard stories thru the years. I'm sure you have plenty, if that boat's gunwales could speak! Sandy guys always snubbed us Oak guys, esp. on the rare occasions we drifted down to the Nose and started stealing their fish. Always were funny conversations on the radio...
  22. Jerry, I didn't know you retired from the chartering ranks... fulltime tournament trail now, right? This how rumors get started, be caregul! I guess Frank has picked up a few things from you over the years, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again...
  23. The most important part of the wierdness is the slider bite. You NEVER know what a slider fish is going to do while the slack is being taken up down to the mainline lure. In fact, when running sliders on the out and downs, there should be two people running for the rod, one to grab the rod, the other to grab the diver and go up an over the fish b/c half of the slider fish will hit and run under the diver... wire on mono wins everytime! This is even more likely when trolling with the waves and currents as the fish will generally try to run with the current ahead of the boat.
  24. Anthony, You were a brave soul flying solo Sunday morning in that chop. Always a challenge to net a big king by yourself, nevermind in the wind and waves!
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