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  1. Glad to hear they are still there. At least there is some stable fishing somewhere.
  2. Yea speed up for sure. We usually troll around 2.7 downspeed. If you are getting Lakers than you r goin too slow. Sorry Gambell.
  3. If you are not fishin this weekend or the weather stinks the Hatchery is celebrating it's first 150 years. There will be display's, talks, food and fishing demonstrations. Hours are 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday. Seth Green the founder of the Hatchery will not be attending.
  4. Nice report. That was fun reading. I have not trie it yet but may give it a go Friday afternoon if there are still any lakers around. Maybe they are tired of seeing cowbells.
  5. Good job on Friday Nick. Saturday was tough for most of us. I think the Laker population will be down for a few years after this weekend. Sorry I missed ya on Saturday.
  6. There was a number you should have wrote down. Call up LOC they will have it.
  7. I used to fish out of the Bay years ago when the Bass fishin was good. That launch is a PIA on the weekend. I would always make sure I was out of there by Noon at the very latest. I don't miss it at all. I will stay on the west side thank you.
  8. Have fun at Hamlin. It is Laker city right now you should have a blast. Maybe the silvers will show up soon.
  9. Missile Silo. That was supposed to be a secret.
  10. A buddy of mine contacted Traxtech about a setup on his boat and he has had tough luck with their customer service. He is willing to buy product from them and they don't seem to care.
  11. Wow that kid did a great job. Like an old pro. Good teachin Dad.
  12. That was pretty easy. If I can do it anyone can.
  13. We were out with Jax on the Locked Up a couple of weeks ago and Bobby got this one.
  14. We are goin out of Sandy 2moro morn and I plan on starting shallow with boards for Browns, and then go lookin. What do ya think?
  15. That was a slider. No to cheaters on dipsey rigs.
  16. Nice to hear that there are plenty of Bass around. Do you catch them drifting at all later in the summer?
  17. That's good to hear about the Marina. I used to fish out of there a lot for Smallie's years ago and the place was pretty beat up. I will get back there and try for the Bass later in the summer.
  18. Nice job. Thanx for report. Might get out there 2moro.
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