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  1. I am by far NOT an expert on copper but I use a "haywire twist" with a 20lb leader attached directly to it. I don't use a swivel at all. Seems to be semi low profile for my rod guides. Works for me.
  2. 2' of mono with snap swivels on each end. Snap to line. Throw out back of boat.
  3. I use Trilene Professional 100% Flourocarbon in 10lb for a leader with ball bearing swivels, welded rings and coastlock snaps. love it
  4. Nice job. Are you trolling or jigging the lakers?
  5. What body of water do you fish usually?
  6. Where can someone find details on how to become an observer?
  7. My friend Tony and I hit the lake again this morning. it was a cool 28 Degrees out! Things don't like to work right when its cold... So after a brief struggle at the dock we were under way. The canal was dark as mud. We tried to troll the east shore but there was ALOT of debris. Somehow we dodged it all on the first pass and I decided I just got lucky so we headed out to deeper water. Couldn't get a bite so save my life... Switched progams a few different times. Made out way up to Hector falls. First time there. Was beautiful! Id like to back there on foot. Anyways the water out front was lousy with fish, I tried 5 passes and I couldn't get a bite there either. Trolled back towards port and started packing up lines. got to the last line on the rigger and it was popped. look back and there is a nice salmon jumping at the back of the boat. Didn't get the skunk today! I told my buddy tony that due to our luck lately we should have gone home with a ZERO and that it would have been good for him He is getting a little spoiled. 6lb 14oz LL 26"
  8. My boat is already in the water. I have been thinking about this all day! Im gonna hope for the best
  9. Thanks for sharing! Very cool indeed.
  10. Another Pic fresh out of the water. Tail is a little cut off. But this fish was just beautiful.
  11. My buddy and I couldn't remember weather the weigh-in was at 1pm or 1:30pm. Also I was a bit nervous I've never been to a tournament you could enter after you were done fishing and were the weight station wasn't a little more obvious or set up already. Ill know next time to just relax! Im not sure how much traveling Im going to do this year for the circuit. I would love to compete on other lakes too.
  12. Hit the water around 6:30am. Tried shallow on the west shore first, temps in the 37-39 range with no luck. We turned back south and decided to stay on the south end of the lake. Found the warmest temps there at 39-42. It was a popular place, with a lot of boats down there to start off the morning. Within an hour everyone left but a couple boats and the bite started for us around 8am. Couldn't get a bite on a stickbait so we fished all spoons and snapwieghts off inline boards and riggers all day. The first fish that came to the net was a 28 1/2" 8lb Salmon! Great way to start the day! Then the browns started to bite and we managed to fill our box. I am a new member to the FLTA and I met a lot of nice people at the tourney and hope to compete in others! Good luck to everyone! Fish on! My Buddy Tony with the Lunker -McLovin out...
  13. If recently bought a new Bigjon Mast and the mounting bracket/foot that comes with it looks really small to me for the amount of pulling the boards do. Have any of you guys had problems with the stability of these masts? Im afraid I will damage the front of my boat. Is there any need for a backer plate? Or a larger base?
  14. Can you guys tell me where Cathrine creek starts and the lake stops? Is it the first bridge in town?> Thanks
  15. I was down at the Fishway the other day watching the fish and decided to call the DEC and inquire about helping. This was there response. . Hi Jim - Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Cayuga Inlet Fishway this spring. Unfortunately, we are currently fully staffed and not in need of assistance at this time - however, you're more than welcome to stop by and check out the operation! Monday and Friday mornings are the best bet to catch us there, generally around 11am. Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering on other ventures throughout the spring and summer we may likely be able to work something out. Let me know if that's the case and I can drop you a line when we have further activities scheduled - I'm assuming your main interest is Cayuga and its tributaries, correct? We'll have lots of things going on with lamprey work later this spring in preparation for our upcoming TFM lampricide treatment of the inlet. Thanks again for the interest! Sincerely, Ian Ian R. Blackburn Fish and Wildlife Technician II NYSDEC Region 7 - Fisheries 1285 Fisher Avenue Cortland, NY 13045
  16. The ladder is still operational but only in the spring. The DEC will be letting fish up soon. Fish are trying to jump as we speak
  17. Sounds like your on the right track. Best bait in my opinion is rainbow or brown eggs. I personally would go lighter than 10lb line or maybe put a lighter fluorocarbon leader on.
  18. You didn't get a detailed reply because here on this site we try not to put exact locations of fishing spots. especially a fingerlake trib. They are not like the Salmon river and aren't strong enough fisheries sustain a lot of fishing pressure. Im sure sk8man will give you the info you need in a private msg.
  19. Last time Cayuga froze completely was 1962 and 1979. Last time Seneca froze was 1912. www.co.seneca.ny.us/history/Frozen%20Cayuga%20&%20Seneca%20Lakes.pdf
  20. I don't fish the tourney but thoughs trophies are super nice! Keep up the good work
  21. Dry docks are available on Cayuga and fingerlakes marina. I believe they are 350$ or so. Arnys on soduss bay on Ontario also have dry docks for around the same price. Im pretty sure most marinas have dry dock services. shouldn't be to hard to find one!
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