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  1. Yup just spit gatorade all over my monitor! lmao!
  2. When I was there it looked like it was possible. Not saying a definite.
  3. better than me this morning. Nice
  4. On Port bay the east side of the channel looks as tho you could possibly get out. West side is all rock. Hopefully they clear it soon.
  5. Supposedly they used to carry a larger fish average years back then they shrunk as the years went on. I don't know if that is fact or not. I know the size of lake Ontario fish has dropped over the years it seems is what people have told me.
  6. If JD doesn't take them I will. In all seriousness in my opinion its the hands down best blank on the market. Some good patterns there too.
  7. Colors are for leadcore. Each color out achieves a certain amount of depth. Coppers are typically rigged, with backing, the copper, then the desired amount of leader. Every 100 feet reaches roughly 20' of depth depending on what pound test it is. A larger capacity reel is also needed to get several hundred feet of copper on the spool. It can be used really anytime of the year as long as your not fishing too shallow. Youtube is a great resource to show you how its actually rigged. Also using the search bar on this site will show you other questions that have been asked along with other info
  8. Wish I got my hands on them. Excited to run those ones I bought off you. Looking springy next week.
  9. Islander transom I saw wasn't sealed in so just by opening up the motor cover you can reach back and poke the wood with a screw driver for softness.
  10. Batteries are only meant to have a shelf life of 1 year. The date code on them is usually a black sticker with white lettering. The first should be a letter and runs from A to L. January to December. A for January, B for February, etc. The last number is for the year, 4 for 2014, 5 for 2015. Etc. Once a batter hits 1 year from the date on the battery it is too be pulled and returned to the manufacturer. However in many circumstances this does not happen. Batteries are also supposed to be rotated, closest to the front of the shelf, closest to expiration. If its followed the fresher batteries are in the back.
  11. No need for backing. Put a few wraps of electrical tape on the spool so your wire doesn't slip, and reel the wire onto the spool under tension. Okuma 30 series hold 1000 ft of wire perfectly. It can be a good idea once your out on the water to let out several hundred feet of wire on an un tripped dipsy then reel it back in to ensure a tight fill. There are videos on youtube of how to do this as well.
  12. I don't believe the cannon power ports they have out now will line up with the old plug in for the mag 10's. I could be wrong.
  13. I always thought that was possible and I buy my fuel at the Fast Trac in Wolcott but I didn't realize it was that much. Good tip for sure.
  14. Used Mag 10's show up in the classifieds quite often and you may be able to find a deal on one for about $150 or even less.
  15. There's a lot more money out there too it looks like. Some of the boats you see are insane. I could be wrong tho.
  16. Yes. Mark the copper every 50 to 100ft and you will be fine
  17. You also have to take account a thicker diameter on the copper as well so reel size can be an issue. Bloodrun has charts on their website of what fits what. I use 45#
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