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  1. We use walkers as well with a bit of beagle in em...pound for pound beagle is awfully gritty! Before we built in our own coyote pen other pen owners would have us bring our gun dogs in before big trials so the coyotes would run from the soft trial hounds. I'm not implying your walkers are trial dogs at all....sounds like they stay on em and make em run fine!!! I'm sure you know how those track switching fox hounds run especially if they only run in pens.
  2. Everything circles when followed... everything! Doesn't matter if you walk the track or put a dog on it...always think circles. No critter wants to leave it comfort zone people included. They also try to run a contour line as it's just never good to go down hill as they will end up in place where it's all uphill to escape eventually and going uphill means to many calories burned. We were deer hunting once and a buddy was with me and he missed out on a shot at a yote. It was windy and unlikely to see anything else till dusk which was hours away. He was dejected and really wanted a yote and he was like I'll never see that one again. I said I'll bet you I can have that yote back here on that same trail before dark. He thought it would be impossible to drive it back...Didn't take me 3 hours and he dumped it walking its own tracks exactly. He still thinks it's ridiculous when everything does that if you just keep following long enough and have enough land with permission...I didn't take a gun and just followed
  3. I'll bet the xtps shoot well with the 3 pellets of triple seven but there is only 1 way to find out! My parker productions match grade hunters are much higher ballistic coefficient and designed to be a 500-600 yard bullet, and pricey... I'll have to find time to do a lot more shooting to buy more of em!
  4. I ordered my first savage new for $500...got the second one used last year and it was double that, but I got an extra Boyd's thumbhole stock with it... I may very well buy another one if I stumble into one. Still need to send my ballistic info to leupold and get my custom turrets, but I wanted to make sure I was thrilled with the loading first as the first set of custom turrets are included in the purchase of the vx5hd's I bought. Another set is like $250 more
  5. I'm using 44 grains of Accurate Arms 5744. This is SMOKELESS powder do not use it in any muzzleloader not designed for smokeless powder. I would use my crossbow before I went back to black powder. My savage holds 1.25 moa accuracy out to 400 yards and under 1 moa to 200. Powder is free compared to triple seven or pyrodex. Box of 50xtps is cheap. I have to get special sabots and magnum primers, but they aren't any more expensive. The gun itself is the expensive part if you can find one. Savage can no longer make them as part of a lawsuit settlement. The gun is safe, but apparently people couldn't follow the simple instructions and there were accidents.
  6. I've hated every muzzleloader bullet I've ever tried until I tried the parker productions 275 grain match grade hunters. This year I tried a new loading in my other smokeless, the hornady xtp 300 grain and my results were awesome. I shot an 8 point and 3 doe between 150-300 yards and every one was in the ribs not the shoulder and every one sprayed a phenomenal blood trail. Bullets designed for longer ranges will open up at lower speeds and so will pistol bullets. 40+ inches of snow is no joke to get around in and miserable to drag deer thru! Snow was so deep when I came to the end of each blood trail I had to scuff my feet to find the deer...they disappeared under the powder. I can't say enough good things about my savage smokeless muzzleloaders with the XTPs. My second savage came with this loading and it blows away the one I was using.
  7. Me too! Just don't think you are going to easily make any difference in your predator/prey numbers hunting them
  8. In some areas of the north country, coyotes definitely impact deer numbers, but those areas don't have the grasses deer and mice really need and coyotes adapt and do whatever it takes to survive. The first real successful hunting of coyotes in ny was perfected in the mid 40s in Lewis County using hounds crossbred between running walkers and beagles in order to collect a bounty. The original houndsman began developing the breed by catching a bred female coyote and raising its pups for the purpose of training pups and figuring out a mix breed to use. He is still alive today and his knowledge of the coyote is not comparable and I was fascinated with his stories when I first met him in 92 and to this day find him a most remarkable individual. He also went on to be an absolute authority on running bobcats with hounds. His breeding and exact mix is still hard to top today in a coyote hunting hound. There are very few houndsman who have been mentored by him directly and have been involved in breeding dogs with him directly also...the man who taught me the basis of all my hunting skills is one of them.
  9. Exactly! Their resiliency, toughness and reproduction is remarkable
  10. Honestly, coyotes don't decimate fawns as much as many think. The areas where fawn predation is on the high side are areas where there isnt enough tall grass, goldenrod, etc for does to leave their fawns. Coyotes hunt fawns by sight and can't smell them during the period when fawns are vulnerable. Also, the new coyotes move in almost immediately if the area has good coyote habitat. Even in deep snow coyotes don't kill healthy deer. Gut shoot a deer with a bow on my lease or the golf course i hunt a little and before you can nock another arrow there is a coyote on the deer. Coyotes survive by hunting mice and by being the most adaptable opportunistic predators. Bobcats on the other hand are much better at killing healthy deer and rabbits and basically never miss given an opportunity, but really need perfect habitat to live in long term. My deer lease and surrounding area is infested with deer, rabbits, and coyotes. Nearly every doe has 2 fawns and the only years I see a dip in rabbits and hear them killed we consistently see bocats, and catch them in traps. Watch deer behavior at night with night vision and they hardly pay any attention to coyotes in the same field.
  11. Predator hunting is a great winter activity, but it doesn't help much with coyote population control or to help your hunting much. There have been several studies on controlling coyote populations where sheep ranches have serious problems and the more you stress the population the larger the litters. Not too mention if you have a problem with them its because they do well in your exact area. Therefore others move in to take advantage of the the ideal conditions as soon as room is a available. I've hunted them for 30 years and the places we have killed the most still have the most. Basically you can kill 25-35 a year in one block every year and never run out when at any one time there are less than 8-10. It's impossible to reduce the population if habitat is ideal. I doubt there are many hunting parties that have killed and trapped close to 2000 or more of them, but the group i hunt with has and we have more than ever. Incidentally, the specific areas we first saw coyotes in the 80's when we would go weeks without cutting a track because there were so few coyotes in the southern tier are still the best areas now. When NY had a bounty on coyotes, and fur prices were high the coyotes still couldn't be eradicated. Fox populations, on the other hand, are very easy to keep at a low number within a certain area.
  12. Still plenty of us out at night fishing! We used tent poles that had a pointed end in the holes where oarlocks went. The poles were bent and the lanterns were white gas with heat shields, we used them to smelt in waders as well. Never gave the fire hazard a thought, but the bugs were awful! We were fishing eyes under the bait we pulled up. The speed net is the exact net we used to smelt I think. The guy who took me back then had the gear. I'll have to ask him about where he got them. He is battling cancer now and for the first time in his life he couldn't get out and hunt. I managed to get him a deer and process it the way he does it and drop it off. Thanks for the posts....brings back some great memories of a better time...imo at least!
  13. While I was typing he messaged me and my fish are done! What a coincidence!
  14. Awesome fish! Im having lyke2fish here on the forum do a couple for myself and customers right now and they will be done soon. PM him perhaps he will send you some pics. I've known Kevin for years and he is a walleye guy thru and thru. This is the first taxidermy work he has done for me, but I've seen his trophy room and thought his work was plenty good. For me I wanted my fish done by a fellow walleye guy and someone I know and respect. I can't really put it into words why, but I think having one of our own do my walleye work is important.
  15. Very happy to see Andrew and his son on the cover. While I meet lots of great folks guiding I can't think of another customer/friend/angler/lure maker/guide/family man who has taken their fishing, passion, and conservation efforts further in a short time. Muskies Inc couldn't have done any better! Andrew and his wife are class acts and set the example for others to follow!
  16. 2 batteries isn't quite enough for me, but I make it work. I have 2 gen 3 12s and I can't run a third 12, which I have, without going to a bigger motor, bigger batteries, a third battery, or a lithium ion battery. I don't leave the dock without a charged jump box and that piece of mind makes it stress free to use everything. I am planning on going to lithium ion batteries this season so I don't have to be on the dock charging all 5 batteries near as many hours and I can finally have all of my electronics on the boat and maybe even add a few more things.
  17. Absolutely love the paint on that walleye! Wow!!! There's something about the shape of the head that is a hair off to my eye, but considering it's carved by hand I presume, it's simply magnificent artwork. For all I know the head is a perfect representation of the actual fish, but not exactly like most of the eyes I get. I'm definitely needing at least a fish or two from him. I'll bet he could do an awesome tiger if his walleye is that amazing.
  18. Troll plates are fine as long as you remember to flip em up immediately after lines are out of the water. Ive heard lots of horror stories and all are result of leaving them down when not trolling. I do 1.6 to 1.9 when at an idle in flat conditions depending on how long it's been since a bottom wash and number of people. In nearly all applications the trolling motor is used for speed adjustments and steering. Cruise control is wonderful for a feeding troll pattern and for reaction bite trolling I like the fluctuations.
  19. I saw the pics of Sully looking for a couple scenic pics to post and figured it was time to let a few of his friends know.... obviously way off topic and I apologize for hijacking your thread Prof T, but we walleye guys all follow the same people regardless of topic. Sully was all about being on the boat and sure put his time in....he definitely only got excited over walleye as he never got to eat any fish other than the walleye trimmings....thanks Kevin
  20. Any of you that have fished with me probably remember my dog Sully. Sadly after 15 wonderful years of friendship and loyalty I had to have Dad come put him down here at home. He was loved by us till the end and we were able to be home with him the last few days. The campground and our family won't be the same without him.
  21. I pull my boat twice a season for full servicing but every 100 hours is not gonna happen for me....I put over a thousand on mine last season! I evacuate the tank, do the fuel filter, plugs, oil, lower unit, and quick bottom wash as well as a good looking over. Fuel lines are definitely changed occasionally and anything my mechanic sees as a potential issue is fixed proactively. last year we did the impeller and seals as they showed signs of real wear and I prefer prevention to cure.
  22. Bags are a great idea for more control as well if necessary. I'm certainly not saying they aren't helpful, I just don't use them.
  23. There are tons of pontoons trolling on Otisco and I'm not sure I know if one that needs bags. I would definitely be looking for a trolling motor and with that you should be able to get your speed right and have boat control while running lines. If you are any bit serious get a 36v unit. 24v is marginal on that size boat and what I started with. I was one of the first to setup a pontoon for trolling and for small water there's nothing better. Also I would put the batteries right under the tm as you will want weight up front. If you don't have enough weight the wind will push you all over compared to a boat weighted properly for trolling. I made a battery box, mounted it on the deck, and mounted the tm on the box. the box also has the on board charger inside and a shutoff switch. I use my talon as a drift sock if it's really windy and fighting fish often. I'm planning on adding a couple tractor suitcase weights under the front deck this year as well because on the windiest days I fish I'd like more control. Also adding a bigger keel to your tm helps.
  24. I would suggest covering new water to anyone struggling. Just about every spot you can access the rivers around me where you can move up and downstream some will produce fish. Most of these spots are not a big secret, but the actual techniques successful walleye guys are using there typically are not shared. I've put a ton of info on this forum about night casting and it all applies to the river as well. Ralph Barton, he is a member on here, has tons of you tube videos that will help. Search his name on you tube and I think you probably will pick up some ideas. He fishes very different from me, but is pretty much a river expert on walleye and catfish and has consistently caught tons of walleye every year for probably 30 years. Maybe he will chime in? The fall bite has definitely started and both numbers and size are showing up. Recent rain and higher, colder water has really gotten them moving. Right before this current weather combined with the current moon phase I guarantee had some big girls chewing. Doesn't matter weather you use plastics, or bait on jigs...with or without a float, sticks, or ripping raps. What matters is doing it correctly at the right location and right time. No one technique is universally better.
  25. I don't fish the river like I used to but during the fall/winter some of my spots are just gone, but several are better than ever. Last season was excellent for me I averaged double digits in 10 trips let's say. I think the 2 floods are what ruined a few spots for me as the current and depth are definitely different now. Only thing I would say is fishing changes over time as fish change and rivers change. Therefore, we often have to adjust to be effective over the long haul. There's no doubt I can help you get on fish, but I'm a night guy only on the river. I just refuse to shore fish with people outside my circle as I see so many things I don't want to see, and I don't want to have to either say something or make a call as I can't just do nothing. Not to mention the river is a much cleaner place at night when you can't see!
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