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  1. Same here, 20 years, just some small does around so far
  2. Is that a Hooded Merganser? Beautiful bird! I would get that mounted
  3. I have never rattled, I have so much convidence in grunting and using 'the can' that I never felt the need to rattle. I can't count the number of bucks I have called in with 'the can' alone. I feel that call even more effective than grunting sometimes. I will say I have never been able to get a positive response from the snort/weeze.
  4. Took the day off as I have been traveling a lot and have not spent much time in the woods. Saw a small doe first thing. Around 7:30 I grunted a couple times and then hit the 'can'. A couple of minutes later I saw this buck enter the other side of the field I was hunting. When I saw he wasn't going to come close enough, I hit the can once and he came to the tree on a string. He gave me a 15 yard broadside shot that I caught both lungs and the heart. Not a monster by any means but I am happy to get him and start back duck hunting. This is only the start for things to come!
  5. Were boats hooking up at the mouth? Wondering how much longer salmon will be able to be caught there.
  6. What lead do you typically run behind the slide diver? I wonder if I run the lead too long sometimes
  7. Nice work Dan. I don't think I will be able to get out anymore this season.
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