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Finally for us weekend warriors some good weather! So much to do as we all have....but I wanted to fish and off to the lake I went. Got on water about 4:30 and surface temp in low 50's.  Liked what I saw for pike and eyes. Fished till dark in my usual spots and only took a few small pike......thought to myself,...Ontario is only 45 minutes so I pulled the boat and headed out. Got to lake Ontario and was greeted by a big moon and light wind.  Worked a few spots to no avail and then ran into a pod at about midnight.  Doubled up and swung back for a third and back to owasco I went. Reflected on a risk and reward night happy with my luck and then BAM.....10 minutes from camp I hit a deer head on with boat in tow......no swerving, just had to commit. Minimal damage to the old Yukon but put a damper on the night. Anyway, today was next chance to get out with my oldest son......temp left and water was cold again....traveled a bit and found mid 50's and it wasn't long and board went screaming with a nice breach. Got a real nice brown to the net. Couple more small lakers and eater browns then the core goes screaming. Thought another brown, ended up being a PB laker for my son. Finished off back with some small pike and pre spawn perch.  Mid 50's was best, bait showing up. Boards did damage with sticks in blk/silver. Core fired once with stinger yellow jacket,  but was big fish of weekend. Was nice to see the sun agian!!









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Awesome, your dedication definitely paid off. I tried Owasco for bullheads last Saturday evening and think I was a couple weeks late since there were none to be seen.  I did jig a laker in about 4’ of water off the inlet. About 27” pretty strange but quickly released it.



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