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Seneca New PB Seneca rainbow

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Fished Monday and got a 29.5 rainbow!
Ended up with some nice lakers and 2 rainbows and missed 3 silvers early.. Second picture is a big group of 9ppl Captain Nick and I split between the two boats I believe we had almost 30 bites!



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49 minutes ago, Korn said:

Steve are you sharing stories.  Everyone knows Ms Seneca is just a large swimming pool to clean your lures. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It feels like that some days but I’ll take whatever she’ll give up

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Way to go! Sounds like an exciting day. 




Looks like an atlantic in the bottom middle of that one picture with a gill issue. Caught one up on ontario with a gill looking the same. Makes me wonder why some of the salmon look like that.

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