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Salmon fishing started early here.last Friday's trip we were 5 for7.mostly spoons nbk has been hot for me

My solo late trips had some fish nice sunsets and promise of better days ahead.



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 Slow for us off Bear Creek. Surface temp 53. Could not get the riggers or wire dipseys to fire.  Marked little to nothing,  No bait.  Caught one steelhead about 8lbs. on a longline of all things.  Deep diver Long A type minnow bait with orange belly 250 out over 120 fow off the nuke plant.

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Haven't been there in two weeks back than best screens were 30 50 fow west of pultneyvill tried all the way out to 150 with nothing went shallow and went 1 for 2 I the last hour with a big drop back steely. It's old info but weather has been relatively stable I would Starr shallow and slowly work out till I saw marks that area has always been feast or famine for me but we did hit some 2 year old kings out of sodus already this year so good sign for an early set up

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