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pro3 remote control issue.


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I installed this little servo on a tohatsu 9.8 kicker,which is a simple procedure. It works well and allows me to go fishing by myself and keep a steady trolling speed every time I step away from the steering wheel and speed controls. I am left with one problem and that is the wire that I am supposed to hook onto a switched power source. It is to prevent battery drainage and the remote module will not work unless that wire provides 12 volts. Connecting it to my main engine switched system makes no sense because I turn of that engine when I troll on my kicker. So I am supposed to either just connect it to the positive on the battery or ,if there is one, a switched source on the kicker. The kicker has a side mounted remote control with a keyed switch to start the engine . My question is what (color) wire should I connect this wire from the module to so it has a switched source from the kicker. Your help is greatly appreciated,


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10 minutes ago, LongLine said:

Switches to turn things on/off, as well as fuses should always be on the hot side of the unit being turned on/off.  i.e. red.  (If I read your question correctly) 

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

You did read correctly , but I did not write correctly.

This module has a hot (red) unswitched and a ground (black) wire and in addition it has a red wire that is supposed to go to a switched connection. if I don't connect that second wire to a hot source, the module does not work. This second red wire should be attached to a switched source .Once the switched source is turned off the module stops working and is prevented from draining the battery. I should connect it to a switched source on the kicker, but I don't know know if it even has its own switched setup or if turning the key to stop the engine simply grounds the ignition

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I’d tie it into another switched circuit-either a speed/temp or a downrigger for example that you switch off when not trolling.  Or use a separate switch.  Both of my kickers have stop/start buttons with no on/off switch on them.


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