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Decided on a afternoon trip Sunday, left the dock around 2 after assessing some damage to gel coat and rub rail from the storm the day prior.  


Was going to head over west of the river but ran into a small boat that had a good day on browns by shipbuilders.   I had 2 ten year old's with me and they wanted to catch browns.


Set up a 9 rod spread: 3 x 1 colors, 3 x flat lines, 2 x chinook divers and a DR.  


Chinook divers and 1 colors took the majority of fish.  Non stop brown action for a couple hours from 8-20' of water.  Boated the first Steelhead of the year as well.


Before we reeled up I pointed the boat north to see if we could find a king and bam the Chinook diver 12' out starts streaming out to 280'.  The boys did great finessing that fish in with 12lb test.  


Hot Spoons: Stinger Blueberry muffin cup (See pic) orange stingers


Plugs: Orange bay rat and j-11 orange jointed rapala 


It was fun to sit back and let the boys reel and net the fishIMG_6633.thumb.jpg.40b8f21ac2cffe65acbcb7221ae56a7b.jpgIMG_6646.thumb.jpg.7b34f48e826dfc65debf2b6f55df62b0.jpg22.thumb.jpg.41a5034a99e6308432d55ec7af2e32b8.jpg44.thumb.jpg.5f683344f55423707553dea2d7aa624e.jpgIMG_6648.thumb.jpg.45fc737a9718103c3ea52c192ebe871b.jpg




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28 minutes ago, Cody191 said:

You guys that are running chinooks off the back corner in the prop wash, are you running them on a 0 setting straight back or set to pull out to the side? Just curious, never tried it.

On the corner with a 9’ rod with power pro. 3 setting on the diver 12’ out. 

Twice this year as I was setting it I watch a brown swipe at the spoon just below the surface. 

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