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rod tree advise

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I have a lack of rod holders on my 18' Starweld. Right now  I run 4 dual axis rod holders on 24" tracks and 2 Cannon riggers with single rodholders.  When I run 2 or more sideplaners, plus 2 diver setups, I'm out of rodholders. My rod storage in the floor and gunnels doesn't allow for long rods, so I also have no safe place to store extra rod setups.   I'm considering purchasing one or two rod trees, either double or triple.  I see that some trees are fixed at different angles, some can be adjusted and others are angled up at the same angle. I certainly see that the adjustable trees would offer greater positioning, but is that advantage worth the added cost.   I also have to consider how my popup canopy will work with a rodtree  .I see Cabellas has a Millenium rod tree for a reasonable price with good reviews, but I'd also consider the big name makers.  

I'd appreciate any input your experiences could offer, especially from the smaller boat group.  Thanks ahead. 



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