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ray koziatek

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Well, Im home. First and formost the worst part of the trip was reading the disturbing report of "YANKEE TROLLER SR." I cant imagine the pain the family is going through and ive seen the Love and friendship between Rick and his dad their not only father and son ,but fishing buddies ,probly hunting buddies,and friends..Rick again my prayers are with your family,and let this be a reminder to us all that life is a gift and enjoy every minute cause we dont know what tomorrow will bring.

Well day one 2 min. after getting up my tree i hear the challanging steps of a buck aproaching in the dark to see what just walked in his woods. I could see in the before shooting light it was a nice tall 10 pt at 15 yds ,I watched him walk away deciding if i would take him later after leagle shooting light. Now if you can imagine sitting in a 65 acre patch of woods that contain 60 to 100 deer it was a easy decision. So after first light ive got several 8 pts ,spikes and does every where ..I know from talking to the land owner there are several "smashers " on the property but have already made up my mind to take the first respectable buck ..as we trophy hunted last year (150 or better) and ate "tag soup"..them big boys will get locked down with a doe and sometimes not be seen at all. After enjoying 2 hrs of watching the heard ,a nice 11 pt passes 7 yds from my stand heading straight away giving me plenty of time to size him up. At 60 yds i make up my mind and try to turn him with a light "baa" (sheep talk) he stops but no turn and the texas bullseye (ass) was not a shot i considered , walking at the pace of a cayote it was 80 yds when i give him a second "BAA" he stops for 1 second and gives me a slight quartering away shot then resumes the "i dont like the open" pace..Now im getting mad that he dont wanna play with me so at 100 yds i give him the oll BAAAAAAAAAAAA ,loud enuf to be heard 2 miles away ,and he gave me "the look" but no more turn so i put the crosshairs back a little in squeezed the smoke pole trigger.... the wind wind was strong enuf to clear the smoke before the slug hit,,,He did the good shot hump and went into a full run, and at 20 yds he stumbles but continues another 20 before pileing up....In 2 hrs my 365 days of anticapation a monster was over ,less the monster. But a respectable 3.5 yr old 215 lb 11 pt it only scored 132 and was a good one to "remove from the heard"..As any hunter knows when a deer that size goes down that fast its a good heart shot and it was dead center.. After giving him his "spiritual last meal " and thanking God for this trip and this deer ,I 2nd guess this early shot but remember the oll saying of a long distance trip hunter "Never pass on the first day what you would shoot on the last" pluss the land owner asked to remove a couple does from the heard so the hunt wasnt over.(i needed one for muskys birthday present).. Well 1 of 4 of us came home with 3 deer tho 1 new guy choked at 30 yds on a 150 plus, another got some great video of a 160 class but never put the camera down to pick the gun "no buck feaver there"..And my best friend ole "dead eye" blew a 40 yd shot at a nice 8ptr His famous Quote of his lucky hat (dweeb hat) and i dont take anything but neck shots will go next year. (i hope) I never took one pic of the deer but head is home and ill try to get a good pic for ya .......Ray K.

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I went down to Corning to Ray's house and couldn't believe my eyes. Instead of seeing my ol chubby buddy, I was greeted at the door by some skinny guy that looked 10 years younger than him. When he spoke, I realized it was a new skinny improved version of Ray. Even got to meet his wife who is a beautiful lady. I told her she has to be an angel to put up with him. She just smiled and poked him and said, "he's coming along". :D This new Ray is gonna take some getting used to. :o:D

You're a good man skinny Ray. ;) Thank you for the venison and stuff.

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