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Surfing Anyone??

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Sodus to Mexico Bay :o:o:o:o:o

Rest Of Today

East winds to 30 knots becoming south. Periods of rain. Waves 6 to 9 feet subsiding to 5 to 8 feet.


Southwest winds to 30 knots increasing to 45 knot gales after midnight. Occasional storm force gusts. Rain and snow showers this then snow after midnight. Waves 5 to 7 feet building to 13 to 17 feet.


Southwest gales to 45 knots becoming west. Occasional storm force gusts. Snow. Waves 14 to 18 feet.

Thursday Night

West gales to 40 knots. Snow. Waves 14 to 18 feet.

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i havent heard of anyone surfing in the winter since my friends uncle did it 15 years ago on lake ontario. pictures looked like fun with the snow coming sideways and 15 foot waves with two idiots surfing with neoprene suits and goggles on.

Wow, I really just said surfing as a catchy title, never thinking someone actually did it :o I would loved to have seen that :yes:

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Here is a link to a camera that sits 3 miles offshore directly off of downtown Cleveland on Erie. It's called the "crib" it's northeast ohio water intake.

http://webcam.clevelandcrib.org/ if the video doesn't play just refresh your browser...they may not look that big but I know how big they are because I know what a boat looks like when it passes through the cam or when a boat is anchored and perchin by the crib...WOW they are huge.

They surf down here at Edgewater park, even a website dedicated to it, some guys on Youtube have some video's up. search lake erie surfing and it'll come up on the first page.

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