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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 36

Total Boated:25

Species Breakdown:kings cohos steelheads

Hot Lure: big weenie flys

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 1.8

Boat Depth: 25 line

Lure Depth: rigger 68 to 48 dypsy 210 and 200 300 coppers.




started out the morning chatting with maniac...he told me the 25 line was hot so we ran out there and set up slowly took our time as i trained a new guy on how to set up riggers and dypsys and copper.....300 copper with a white spinny and morning wood fly was hot for us today as it took 10 fish alone.....seneca special spinny and cry baby fly took our biggest steelhead on a dypsy.....other flys that was working for us today was blue weenie, lake o glow, and skid marks.....


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Great job out there Jason! Good talkin with ya on the water. We had a weird day out there where, whatever set up we took a fish on, when we put it back out, it went dead and couldn't get another bite on it. So..... We changed set ups a lot. Pretty much a slow pick for us. Congrats again on a great day.


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I was up there as well on the 15th and during the weekend I met a couple who know you. They asked me if I knew you and I said I kind of did. I told them that last year cous "ERabbit" and I were fishing Fairhaven and doing well with the Green Dolmation SD and you were fishing the derby out of Salmon River area and not doing much. Erabbit told you about the SD on the phone and you did some Business with it. You then told this Couple I met and she landed a 33lber. Her biggest fish! Small world! It really make me appreciate this site!!!! :clap: Nice report! What depth is the 25line approx. out of The Oak?

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Just a thought on the loc derby. There are quite a few fishermen and women who fish the late afternoon and evening hours. I know this for a fact as I was fishing last weekend

during the evening. We hooked into a king, that would not let go. Kept taking line, I bring in five to ten feet, and the king took out fifty.. feisty fish for sure. It took almost and hour to land this big boy, but as it was after 8:00pm, we could not get to a weigh in station in time. The king was not over 30, but it would have made a spot on the derby.. oh well that is fishing and perhaps better luck next time.. Hooked this one west of the oak, but east of Olcott.

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