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I-Bay Saturday 7/23/11 AM - still awesome fishing

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Fishing Report

Chris / Liv n' Ellie:





Time on Water:5:45 AM - 10:30

Weather/Temp: hot

Wind Speed/Direction: SW then West

Waves: 1-3

Surface Temp: 70's

Location:I Bay





Total Hits: 16

Total Boated:15

Species Breakdown: chinook, lake trout

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 150'-420'

Lure Depth:




Fished with my good buddy Anthony (Pike Hunter) and we continued the good fortune out of the Rochester/I-Bay area. Everything other than cut bait took fish today. After we started out in 150-200', we steadily picked up 10 or so fish on our program which seems to be working the past 2-3 weeks. After it slowed a bit, we slid out to the deeper off-shore action to see if we could find the "Kings Highway" out deep and indeed we found a few more kings in the 350-400' depth.

We had a fantastic day and as always it's a real blast to fish with my good pal Anthony - always lots of great action and great laughs to boot.

Lures which took fish:

42 second NK spoon deep rigger 75'-80'

free slider Mooncricket DW SS on the same rigger

NBK Stinger free slider on 65' rigger

Green/white dot SD/green hammer fly on the 65' rigger

600' copper pulling 42 sec. SD/Fly took mostly lake trout and one small king

Wire Diver 225' #2 pulling Dalmation SD/ purple mirage fly seemed to be the hottest today

I think it's the first time this year targeting kings/silvers that I have not taken a steelhead.

FWIW, I used Familiar Bite cut bait which I re-ordered this week(new stuff which seemed to be smaller and salted in small ziplock bags) and I was very disappointed b/c it wasn't holding up well at all (each time we brought it in to change it, the cut bait seemed to have disintegrated). The old fillets were much more meaty and seemed to hold up better. The newer stuff is much smaller and salted. Maybe Mark Cole or Walk from Familiar Bite can chime in on this.

Good luck to all,

- Chris





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Nice job Chris, we were hanging off Long Pond in 200-250 fow. We were something like 12 for 20 or so. We got kind of a late start and fished from 8-11:30. Now that I think about it we did a domestic rainbow, steelhead, coho, laker and a bunch of kings. The largest king was 19#, but we had a few in the teens. The show of the day was a 11.3# steelhead, hit the free slider down 87 ft. and was out of the water before we could grab the rod. He jumped over the center copper 3 times. What a mess. I also donated exactly 195 ft. of wire, dipsey, spin dr, and fly to a small king. I know this because in an earlier tangle I noticed a kink in the wire at 195 ft. I was stupid and sent it back out. Now I'm $50 poorer.... The currents down our way were running east to west at up to 1 mph. This kind of wreaked havoc when my 12 yr old would man the wheel. Awesome time though! :D

Good Fishing!!!


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I hear ya.......I have stayed in that eastern water for my past three trips and it has been fantastic. Thanks for the advice to stay close to port!! :beer::beer::beer:

Also, FWIW, I talked with Walt Thompson- the owner of Familiar Bite (I put an email into him today and within ten minutes he was calling me personally!!) and he gave me a few pointers on running the firmer, salted cut bait Herring strips. Most likely, they were getting beat up by my bait heads that were too big for the strips and the tandem single hook near the bait head. I ordered some of the Rhys Davis heads from him and I'll be tying some of my own teasers along with using some of his Tango chain set-ups and hopefully it'll solve some of my issues this past weekend. I also ordered a few of his Sushi Fly rigs, and I look forward to tying a few of my own to use this coming weekend.

If any of you have ever have the pleasure of talking with Walt, he is extremely receptive to feedback on his products and he is a great wealth of knowledge on running meat. To have the owner of a company call you personally on a Sunday is second to none!!!

Good luck to all,


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