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Point Breeze 4/28 4/29

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Fishing Report

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Date(s): 4/28 .. 4/29

Time on Water: 4:00 pm to 7pm sat./ 11:30 to 2:00 pm Sunday

Weather/Temp: sunny, windy, a little cold

Wind Speed/Direction: 10 to 15 mph NW

Waves: 2 to 3

Surface Temp:

Location: front of port to Johnson Creek





Total Hits: 3 on Saturday/ 8 Sunday

Total Boated: 1 perch Saturday :lol:

3 kings one Laker Sunday

Species Breakdown: Perch, kings, Laker

Hot Lure: frog, green gator mag, ATOMIK hammer fly.

Trolling Speed: 2.4 to 2.8 gps

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 12 ft Saturday...55 to 75 Sunday

Lure Depth: Sunday, 35, 40, 60,

wires out 90 and 120 on 3 setting.



My daughter and her boyfriend came out with a friend of theirs, Todd, and wanted to get Todd to catch some brown trout. We went Saturday afternoon trying for browns down toward Johnsons. Had a few hits down there in front of the creek mouth but only was a ble to come up with a 13 inch perch on a jointed Rapala. Couple other hits and that was it for that shake down run for this year. We got back to the dock and the DEC survey guys wanted to see what we had so we go over and show them our perch. They were intrested in it for the way we caught it trolling for browns. They also mentioned that no one had brought any browns in that day on their watch. So with that info, we decided to hit deeper water for salmon on Sunday.

We arrived at the launch about 11:00 am and much to our dismay the water was looking mighty white out there, but non the less we went out and motored west 5.5 miles against the waves and set up trolling east in 75 fow. 3 riggers with spoons..two wire divers on 3 settings out 90 and 120 pro troll/hammer fly and spinney crinkle glow fly...and a 200 foot copper with spinney and fly. We went for about a 20 minute ride east and had no action until moving shallower to 60 feet then we collected two kings quickly, one on the frog spoon and the other on hammer fly dipsy. Had a rip on the 200 copper but gone, a couple other hits on the riggers with just a bounce and still clipped to the release. The Laker, about 10 lbs, came on the green gator mag down 55 over 64 fow. The green frog took a king about 8 lbs, and the hammer fly on a white pro troll green dot took a king about 15 lbs.

Nearly back to port now and the port rigger flys off with a real screamer. My daughter Amanda grabs the rod and just hangs on for a 500 foot blistering run with a king headed for the Niagara. She says "what do I do dad?" I said " just hang on and enjoy" :lol: ..wish I had a video cause it was one of the fastest drag rips I can remember. 3 more times the fish ran way off to parts unknown. 30 minutes later she wrestled the monster to the net. 25 lbs and she is pumped! They had to head home this afternoon so we had to wrap up the day at 2:00 pm and headed in straight out in front of port. And then we had barbeque when we got home. Mmmm good.



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Thanks guys! It was a great day of fishing, The perch was a surprise side order, actually made me think for a minute about drifting some perch offerings and try for a pail full of those tasty critters. Saw some stuff on the Raymarine but figured was clutter or maybe bait, probably was a school of post spawn perch hogs :D


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