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Species Ive Got! Anyone wanna help me get my goal?

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Here is what ive got, but im still looking for a brook trout, lake trout, and muskie. Anyone that can help me get it done? Bigger is better.


american eel


Black Crappie






Brown Bullhead


Brown Trout


Chain Pickeral


Channel Catfish


Chinook Salmon


Coho Salmon


Common Carp


Grass Carp


Green Sunfish


Largemouth Bass


Longnose Gar


Mirror Carp


Northern Pike




Rock Bass


Freshwater Drum


Silver Bass


Smallmouth Bass






White Sucker


Yellow Perch

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Just 2 let U and everyone else know (if anyone cares!), the state record Bowfin is 12lbs 14oz.....I'm just sayin.... :thinking: And in Seneca Lake there does exist some perfect, what seems 2B a chain pickerel/northern pike cross; at least as far as outside markings indicate. Not any biological scaling, ray and pyloric count and whatever else biologists may use to determine fish crosses.....Fisherman21... don't know if hybrids and crosses might count in YOUR count...! :)

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Georged.....Yeah I see what you're thinking on that green vs. 'seed thing. The greens I have caught have a narrower body, more like a rocky in body shape, rather than rounded as a pumpkinseed's body. But the 'seeds always have the reddish edged ear flap....which his green picture does not have. It also has the larger mouth like greens do....Fisherman 21....try Mill Creek in Perkinsville NY for brookies....

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Large mouth like a rock bass and a thick body like a rock bass but colorations like a pumpkinseed. As a kid I use tell everybody I was catching rocky/sunny hybrids. Speaking of hybrids, the pic at the top looks like it is a cross between a pumpkinseed and a green sunny. I am judging mostly by the way the mouth looks. And the pumpkinseed looks more like a a small Bluegill to me. I am by no means a sunfish expert. I am not afraid to send a picture to Cornell to let them identify it for me. With all the species, subspecies and crosses, then add water conditions. Example for water conditions. Large Mouth in the Southern tier are usually black (or have a lot of black on them) The ones I catch out of I-bay are straight Chrome. Deeper water is the only explanation I have for that or is that another subspecies ?????

Bosox guy, you need to go catch yourself a striper. Minnows and panfish are fun at times but to become a Jeremy Wade you need to go get some big boys. Catch some rare subspecies too like a blue Pike or a grass pickerel.

Good luck with your quest.

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Warmouths and greens are both here in New York. Neither of them are as widespread here as bluegills, pumpkinseeds, crappies and rock bass, but they are around. What's more, of course, warmouths are known to hybridize with greens, bluegills, crappie AND largemouths! (how's that for a date! :P ). Heck, they probably might successfully breed with any of the other sunfish family members in their immediate area. One thing is for sure... They can all be good after a trip to the frying pan! :clap:

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