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Huge honeoye bass


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Good to se they are still biting up there... I am also glad that the camera works. I caught and released a 6lber when I was teenager and all I got for it was my Mom's testimony. The camera she was using broke. She still has it with the film in it.

BTW - Absolutely beautiful fish. Congrats to the young man!

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Hey. that matches the 6.5lbr I caught at Honeoye back around 1983 at the northern end of the lake right off of the bathing beach there. Caught it with a simple 1/8 oz. jig head and Mr. Twister black 3in. grub body.... the same lure nailed many nice smallies around the docks and shallows of the north end...and an occasional largemouth. The bigger bass and more numerous smallies (very healthy) were mixed in, with an occasional 'eye thrown in. The fishing at Honeoye really got better after sewer lines were put around the lake sometime in the 70's I believe. Before that the lake was so weed choked one could barely row a rowboat, which could be had at the old California Pt bait shop. I guess leach lines leaking just made the place to fertile for weed growth..... Wonder what the fishing was like before housing was put in around the lake. Heard tell of brown trout having been placed in there in years back (as per a "fish available in the lake" pamphlet available at Cali Pt)....There are bigger bass in there, with a few very large 'eyes as well.

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