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Best releases?

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I used Blacks for two years.Last year I went to Chamberlains because I fish erie for walleyes and Ontario for salmon. The Blacks would not release for walleyes. I like the two adjustment system on the Chamberlains.  Well worth it.

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Both the Blacks and Chamberlains work well. They each have some perhaps subtle strengths depending on what they are used for. The Chamberlains have a maximum release upper limit of about 4 lbs or so. They also have an adjustment range below that upper limit which is more finely tuned than the Black release. The Black is pretty much infinitely adjustable to well above that 4 lb limit of the Chamberlains. Herein lies the individual difference in use. When using heavy drag items like very large flashers with meat rigs for example the upper limit it of the Chamberlain can easily be exceeded potentially causing a false release. The Chamberlain is better at detecting small fish say below 3 lbs  on riggers, fish that just hold on and follow passively (like some lakers do) and more especially for light hitters such as walleyes because of the greater sensitivity at the lower range of adjustment. I have used Blacks in all versions since the mid seventies and have NEVER had a problem with them. Either you had a defective one, it was rigged wrong, or somehow the weight may have been allowed to repeatedly swing back and forth on the rigger weakening the connection creating the failure. The releases I have from the seventies (white in color) are still fully functional if I put them back on so no need to replace releases if used properly..

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We run Blacks at the ball.

And the Chamberlain stacker to be very useful. 

If Im fishing with some first timers Ill switch out to the heavy tension Offshore as I think they are easier for newbs to read when draggin skippies.

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