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footwear for LO in the spring

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I'm with the crocs being comfy ( so I've heard) lol. Here is the thing, how many croc days are there in the spring on th Big O? Im going for warmth. Cold feet = bad time. wet feet = worse time. Billy those Boots are warm, I love them but I prefer to wear something that i can slip off quick if i take an accidental dip for a spring swim. Hey you never know and I dont want to be bobbing around with those on. I wear Mikey mouse boots that I DONT TIE. These are extremely waterproof and warm. I find them very comfortable as well. They might be a lil heavier than crocs but we are on a boat and not running a marathon. They slip off very easy as well. It's one of those different strokes for differnet folks things but for my days chasing browns im going M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E


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i got 2 pairs of merrells. one pair are shoes and the other are sandal type. both are very comfortable. the shoes are gore-tex and are extremely comfortable and somewhat waterproof. the sandals fit like a glove and provide excellent amounts of tractions. i used to have some flip flops but my shins have some proof that on a slick dock that can be painful :devil:

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