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I-Bay 5/17/14 - Bad day for us

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We fished from 6 AM til 10:30, east of the Bay and we fished from 12 fow to 60 fow. We tried to stay in the greener, warmer water rather than the muddy stuff but all we managed was one 16" Chinook.


I fished 8 rods - two riggers with spoons, the rest off the boards (multiple stick baits, keel weighted spoons) and our only fish was caught on a J-9 black/white rapalla. Water temp fluctuated between 46-47 degrees, but outside of the mudline around 60' it was ice cold 43 degrees on the surface.


I tried the deeper water for lake trout after marking some fish on the bottom in 60 fow just east of Shipbuilders but I could not get these fish to bite, even with cowbells and a thumper rod.


I think you always have to post the good with the bad. The water looked great in the beginning but obviously we did something wrong as we had very little action.


Good luck to all today - I wanted to get in an early post in case it may help some folks who venture out this afternoon.


- Chris

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Thanks for the report Chris. Like you said even the bad reports can help. Would have done the same thing if able to get out this AM. Talked to a buddy fishing west between Russell and one of the pond outlets and was doing good. Some of the river captains were in there to.


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No problem gentlemen - I'd go west if I were you.


In hindsight, I would have fished west of the river, but I didn't want to run 30 minutes through all the debris coming out of the Genny in the dark.


Good luck guys,



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