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Video of DEC shocking Walleye LAST Year in Conesus Inlet


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Understand the pike are up the inlet now, and shouldn't be long until the Walleye make the trip.


Here is a video from a coule years ago, when I took my boy up there, and we were lucky enought to been there at the same time the DEC was shocking the walleye for research.





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Are they walking through the Redds?

Walleye are broadcast spawners similar to perch in that eggs float (suspend) in the water aimlessly sticking to whatever where as perch tangle long strings into whatever they can attach them to.  No digging.


Where they are walking is a mixture of clay and mud.  Also, they assume zero natural repoduction on this lake so they probably wouldn't worry about it anyways. 


I would have loved to see the shocking.  I make the trip up there every year just to see this run.  Simply amazing.  Years ago you could see 20# + pike up there too but lately 10-15# is about it.  I recommend anybody who has kids to take them there sometime this month to see it.  It is very easy walking and if the feeder creek doesn't wash out is wheel chair accessable too. 

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