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Finally had soft water and headed out to Port Bay on Saturday to tow the boat home.

Spent the rest day rigging her and getting ready to fish.


Left the dock at about 7:00 on Sunday morning with my buddy Steve and fished until 11:00.

Started out running 4 sticks and two riggers dragging spoons.

Found the cookie cutters pretty quick and after some fast action left them alone and went searching for some better fish.

Found a pattern that  produced some bigger Browns and worked it for a couple hours.

Wanted to bring home some meat so we boxed our 6 and headed for home.

Enjoyed a beautiful morning and hot fishing with a good friend.

Looking forward to another hot spring in the Bay.


Good fishing










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It was a blast out there Sunday morning Glen....lot's of action, and only 1 lost fish. I never even had a donut or opened my coffee thermos 'til we got back to the dock !! Your boat, along with the new and old equipment worked great...no problems at all. I hope all your trips out on the big lake this year go that smooth.



BTW I did a shake down run with my boat yesterday...a few minor issues , but overall  a success. I didn't go very far for my first trip out and being solo, but found some fish close to mexico launch..... none over 20 inches.

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