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How to remove a tick


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I recently saw a report that there are more kids brought to ER for cigarette burns trying to get the ticks off than there are for problems with a tick bite. 

Two of the guys went into the woods to get a better look at an Eagles nest and came out with 17 Wood ticks and a Deer Tick, most not attached but I thought I would video this one on my Brother In Law. lol

If they have been there a while they will cement themselve to you so pry up from the back end. They will also poop all over which is a good sign you have one in your hair if you see pepper on your fingers. 

If you heat them they spit their toxin into you and cause more chance of infection. 

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PLEASE... Use no chemicals, cigarettes, etc to remove a tick. All those things do is accelerate the ticks emptying of its foregut (vomiting) to put more Lyme organisms in your body. The tick key, tick twister or (my favorite) the "ticked off" tool are the only things to use. As a Veterinarian I use the ticked off tool regularly and never leave behind a head to cause an infection.

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Hey guys check out our website for our Tick Releaser and test kit. We have just finished a couple of years of research and most info out there is just "old wives tales" and some repeated above. Let me know if you're interested and I will make sure that all LOU members get a 35% off price.


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I lived in Dutchess County for 9 years.  Lyme tick Hell.  Would come back from the woods and my pants would be alive.  We bought a yellow lab SO we could see the ticks better!  Let him out in the yard for 20 minutes one day, when he came back in, and I picked off 36 ticks.  They were everywhere.


I ended up with Lyme disease that went undiagnosed for about 6 months.  By that time I couldn't turn my neck and EVERY joint hurt.  The cure was gigantic Prednisone pills for a MONTH.  Couldn't sleep, shaky, the whole nine yards.  It eventually got it taken care of, but it sucks.  If you think there is ANY CHANCE you may have Lyme, go in and demand a blood test.  That's the only way mine got diagnosed, and it took me 5 months to get that done.  Not something you want to mess around with.

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Three years ago I picked up a tick on Wellesley Island that I know wasn't on me for more than 8 hours. It removed easily and left behind a dime sized bruise.  Brought the tick in to my doc. He said "little chance" you were infected because it wasn't on you long enough, but we'll send the tick out for testing for peace of mind. 10 days later, report that the tick wqas infected. 15 days later, my test finally came back and I was positive for Lymes. Close to 30 days before I started 20 day antibiotic routine. Blotches over my whole torso, felt like ****! Arthritis symptoms for a year.


Since then they say be on the lookout for recurring symptoms of joint pain and tiredness! Really? I'm in my 60's and I'm tired and achey most every night I'm out in the field.


Had one tick on/in me since that I removed with a tick twister from the pet store that I keep in my truck. This time I insisted on the antibiotic that day while waiting for the test to come back. Fortunately, that one wasn't positive and I threw the rest of the treatment out. Blood test showed the old infection but no new acute case. They say I will still test positive for years.


My advice to everyone is to not mess around with them! Spray hunting clothes with permithrin (Sawyer from Walmart) and be on the lookout every trip out. Prevention far exceeds any cure to date.

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