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Best day EVER out of Sandy

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Went out yesterday and beat the water up from 200 to 500 fow without a nibble.  


Went out today, and after a really slow start...yep, the title says it all.


First fish came on a black spin Dr. with a silver with green stripe spoon down 111.   (I'm guessing at the angle of scope, but doing the math, I was probably only down 85 or so).   Biggest fish 

of my life, (and the fact he's half as big as the leader on the LOC board right now just makes me want to quit my day job) at 16 and change.


Lost 2 more on a dipsy out 275 with another green and silver spoon.    The 2nd one lost the hook 100' behind the boat, and was lying there exhausted.   Made a crazy ivan to come back to net

him, but too slow.    Got within 50' of it when he recovered and swam down.   (Grrrrr.....).   The 3rd one came out of the water 200' back, and was gone.   Given the fight he

put up, (was out some 450' or so at one point) and how tired my arms were, I'm going to guess he put my first one to shame.


2 Steelheads on the same dipsy.    We waypointed each hit, and I still can't believe it.   All were less than 1/4 mile from each other.   All in 425-435 fow.


It's been 3 years in the making.   May be a slow day for some, but for the wife and I, best day ever.



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Congrats on a great day. A great day like this lasts more than just that day because the confidence you gain setups you up for that next great day.

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