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A miracle happened......i managed to get the family out on the boat this evening to do a couple of hours of boating (which in my eyes actually means fishing).

motored out to 200 fow and setup on a north troll.

drop the probe rigger down first and it fires before i even grab the next rod. 65' down nbk stinger


next rod to fire leadcore 9 colors w/ irish car bomb everyone on the boat took a turn fighting it till they got tired


my 5 year VS. a rainbow + 9 colors? :lol:


the last 25 min my son boated 3 little guys






ended tonights trip 5 for 6. absolutely a perfect night for the family.

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I thought that was you Rob, I got out 15 minutes before you and headed in 10 min after you. Ran four rods off riggers and did two small kings and a 10# Laker. 160-170ft down 90. Tank

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